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Is it possible for ear wax not to be seen when getting checked?

Erik Madsen erikm at my-deja.com
Thu Aug 2 01:34:32 EST 2001

Hi -

Since I was a kid I've had hearing issues.  I've never had tubes in my
ears, but I remember my mom always taking me to get my hearing checked
when I was younger.

I understand that my hearing loss may be mostly hereditary.  However,
I'm wondering if part of my poor hearing could be related to wax
buildup and if it's possible for that wax to be missed on a routine
ear checkup?

There's a couple of reasons I ask.  A few years ago I went to a steam
room, then a sauna, then into a swimming pool right afterwards.  I
felt something weird in my ear and pulled out a ball of wax the size
of a large pea.  Seems to me that could contribute to crappy hearing?

I also have a friend that has the same issues with her hearing.  She
said when she was younger, the doctor actually put something in her
ear and drew out a ball of wax.

Would something like an olive oil/ear wax bulb work for me?  Or if I
want to get this checked out and have a cleaning, do I need to ask for
something specifically from the doctor?

I just am curious if they'll look at my ear and say there's no
blockage at all (like they said before I found that ball of wax...)

Thanks in advance

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