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Is it possible for ear wax not to be seen when getting checked?

TunePort86 at webtv.net TunePort86 at webtv.net
Fri Aug 10 02:29:03 EST 2001

Hello E,
Theres no one here but Ill asnwer the questions...the answer is YES, wax
can be missed...they cant see everything in there.

The best way I had my ears cleaned was a Doctor installed a tube in my
ear and with warm water and a type of hand held pump, he flushed my ears
out...I could not believe how much wax Build Up i had in there coming

After he was done, I told him it still felt as if something was "inside
there"..he looked and said it was clear and it was all out.I asked him
to do it a few more times with the water and alot more came out!

Not to sound disgusting but thats what happened.A former doctor used
some kind of cleaning tool and it hurt my ears and he didnt get it all

What I do now at home is use a ear wax cleaner kit...It comes with a
blue rubber syringe type...squeeze and let it fill with warm water and
insert in the ear canal and squeeze hard to force the water into the ear
and it will come back out and the water will break it up and get it
out.You need to repeat several times.

I have hearing loss too, its hereditary but alot of wax build up CAN
make it harder to hear at times.

I do suggest to go to a ear doctor and have them flush it for you and
explain what to do, make sure you have no infections etc before doing it
at home.

Dont let them use a pick tool..those dont do much but get a little out
and hurt your inner ear.

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