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Deaf-related law review articles

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Fri Feb 23 04:52:38 EST 2001

Deaf-related law review articles (compiled from Index to Legal Periodicals
and Current Law Index)

Tucker, Bonnie. "Deafness--Disability or Subculture: the emerging conflict."
3 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 265-275 (Spring 1994).

Deaf education:
Anderson, Lisa A.. "Constitutional law--first amendment--providing sign
language interpreter services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act to a student attending a religious institution does not
violate the establishment clause, nor does the establishment clause lay down
an absolute barrier to placing a public employee in a sectarian school." 72
University of Detroit Mercy Law Review 473-487 (Winter 1995).

Brusky, Amy Elizabeth. "Making Decisions for Deaf Children Regarding
Cochlear Implants: the legal ramifications of recognizing deafness as a
culture rather than a disability." Wisconsin Law Review 235-270 (1995).

DuBow, Sy. "Into the Turbulent Mainstream: a legal perspective on the weight
to be given to the least restrictive environment in placement decisions for
deaf children." 18 Journal of Law & Education 215-228 (Spring 1989).

Huefner, Dixie Snow and Steven F. Huefner. "Publicly Financed Interpreter
Services for Parochial School Students with IDEA-B Disabilities." 21 Journal
of Law & Education 223 (Spring 1992).

Humphrey, Isabel. "Establishment Clause prohibits provision of state-paid
sign language interpreter to student attending pervasively religious high
school: Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills School District, 963 F.2d 1190
(1992)." 25 Arizona State Law Journal 449-459 (Summer 1993).

Ivers, Kathryn. "Towards a Bilingual Education Policy in the Mainstreaming
of Deaf Children." 26 Columbia Human Rights Law Review 439-482 (Winter

Large. "Special Problems of the Deaf Under the Education for All Handicapped
Children Act of 1975." 58 Washington University Law Quarterly 213 (1980).

Liu, Andy. "Full Inclusion and Deaf Education--Redefining Equality." 24
Journal of Law & Education 241-266 (Spring 1995).

Natapoff, Alexandra. "Anatomy of a Debate: intersectionality and equality
for deaf children from non-English speaking homes." 24 Journal of Law &
Education 271-278 (Spring 1995).

Shaw, Suzanne. "What's Appropriate? Finding a voice for deaf children and
their parents in the Education for All Handicapped Children Act." 14 The
University of Puget Sound Law Review 351-382 (Winter 1991).

Swygert, Jacob C. "Constitutional law--establishment clause--state funding
of sign language interpreter for deaf student attending parochial secondary
school does not violate first amendment. Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills
School District, 113 S. Ct. 2462 (1993)." 24 Cumberland Law Review 587-599

"Interpreter services for deaf college student ordered under Title I of
Rehabilitation Act." 5 Mental & Physical Disability Law Reporter 410-411
(November-December 1981).


Dubow, Sy. "The Television Decoder Circuitry Act -- TV for All." 64 Temple
Law Review 609-618 (Summer 1991).

Heldman, Julie. "Television and the Hearing Impaired." 34 Federal
Communications Law Journal 93-165 (Winter 1982).

Schwartz, Louis and Robert Woods. "Public television and the Hearing
Impaired." 9 The Journal of College and University Law 1-25 (1982/1983).

"Access of the Hearing-Impaired to Television Programming." 5 Loyola
Entertainment Law Journal 188-197 (1985).

"Community Television of Southern California v. Gottfried (103 S. Ct. 885):
defining the role of the television industry in serving the needs of the
hearing impaired." 19 New England Law Review 899-916 (1983/1984).

"Gottfried v. FCC: the public interest standard and broadcaster
responsibility to the hearing impaired." 130 University of Pennsylvania Law
Review 957-980 (April 1982).

"Judicial Intervention for the Hearing Impaired: an uneasy partnership
between the Federal Communications Commission and the United States Court of
Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit." 31 Catholic University Law
Review 699-729 (Summer 1982).

"The Public Interest Standard in the Communications Act and the Hearing
Impaired: Community Television of Southern California v. Gottfried (103 S.
Ct. 885)." 25 Boston College Law Review 893-918 (July 1984).

"Supreme Court rejects public television's special obligation to provide
programming for deaf persons." 7 Mental Disability L. Rep. 84-85
(March-April 1983)

Legal/Law enforcement/police/court

Saideman, Ellen M. "Helping the Mute to Speak: the availability of
augmentative communication devices under Medicaid." 17 New York University
Review of Law and Social Change 741-753 (1989/1990).

Berko, Michele-Lee. "Preserving the sixth amendment right of the deaf
criminal defendant." 97 Dickinson Law Review 101-130 (Fall 1992).

Harris, Susan R. "The Hearing Impaired Advocate." 67 Judicature 95-97
(August 1983).

Harry, Bruce. "A deaf sex offender." 29 Journal of Forensic Science
1140-1143 (October 1984).

Harry, Bruce. "Offenders in a silent world: hearing impairment and deafness
in relation to criminality, incompetence, and insanity."
13 American Academy of Psychiatry & Law Bulletin 85-96 (March 1985).

Gallie, Beth and Deirdre. "Representing deaf clients: what every lawyer
should know." 15 Maine Bar Journal 128-EOA (April 2000).

Gardner, Elaine. "Deaf victims and defendants in the criminal justice
system." 19 Clearinghouse Review 748-751 (November 1985).

Lee, Stephanie Hoit. "Wisconsin v. Rewolinski: do members of the deaf
community have a right to be free from search and seizure of their TDD
call?" 10 Law & Inequality 187-216 (June 1992).

Lee, Randy. "Equal protection and a deaf person's right to serve as a
juror." 17 New York University Review of Law and Social Change 81-117

Manson, Harold. "Jury selection: the courts, the constitution, and the
deaf." 11 Pacific Law Journal 967-992 (July 1980).

Relyea, Gregg. "Procedural due process: a deaf defendant's right to be heard
should encompass a right to 'hear' civil trials through interpretation." 29
Catholic University Law Review 867-890 (Summer 1980).

Sheridan, Brian D. "Accommodations for the hearing impaired in state
courts." 74 The Michigan Bar Journal 396-400 (May 1995).

Shipley, Andrew E. "The Deaf Witness." 14 Litigation 13-15 (Fall 1987).

Simon, Jo Anne. "The use of interpreters for the deaf and the legal
community's obligation to comply with the ADA." 8 Journal of Law and Health
155-199 (1993/1994).

Smith, Deirdre M. "Confronting silence: the Constitution, deaf criminal
defendants, and the right to interpretation during trial."
46 Maine Law Review 87-150 (1994).

Tucker, Bonnie. "Deaf prison inmates: time to be heard." 22 Loyola of Los
Angeles Law Review 1-71 (November 1988).

Tucker, Bonnie P. "Accommodating hearing-impaired law students and faculty
members." 41 Journal of Legal Education 355-361 (September/December 1991).

Tucker, Bonnie. "Mental health services for deaf persons: proposed
legislation." Arizona State Law Journal 673-704 (Fall 1980).

Vernon, McCay and Lawrence Raifman. "Recognizing and handling problems of
incompetent deaf defendants charged with serious offenses." 20 International
Journal of Law and Psychiatry 373-387 (Summer 1997).

Vernon, McCay, Lawrence Raifman, and Sheldon Greenberg. "The Miranda
(Miranda v. Arizona, 86 S. Ct. 1602 (1966)) warnings and the deaf suspect."
14 Behavioral Sciences & the Law 121-135 (Winter 1996).

Vernon, McCay; Steinberg, Annie G.; Montoya, Louise A. "Deaf murderers:
clinical and forensic issues." 17 Behavioral Sci. & L. 495-516 (Autumn

Wood, Jeffrey. "Protecting deaf suspects' right to understand criminal
proceedings." 75 The Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 166-197 (Spring

"The Confidentiality of criminal conversations in TDD Relay Systems," 79
California Law Review 1349-87 (October 1991).

"Due process: the deaf and the blind as jurors." 17 New England Law Review
119-152 (1981/1982).

"Recognizing and preserving legal rights for the hearing impaired in the
courtroom." 57 Wisconsin Bar Bulletin 14-16 (November 1984).

Sign language interpreters:
Chilton, Elizabeth. "Ensuring effective communication: the duty of health
care providers to supply sign language interpreters for deaf patients," 47
Hastings Law Journal 871-910 (March 1996).

Geyer, Paul. "The role of technical assistance centers in addressing
employer concerns about accommodating workers who are deaf or hard of
hearing." 50 Labor Law Journal 280-288 (Winter 1999)

Orleans & Smith. "Who Should Provide Interpreters under Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973?" Journal of College and University Law 177

Rovner, Laura L. "The Right to Be Heard: The Obligation of State Courts to
Pay for Interpreters for Deaf Litigants." 2 Cornell Journal of Law and
Public Policy 205-EOA (Fall 1992)

Telecommunications Relay Service/TTY/TTD:

Bahr, Susan J. "Ease of Access to Telecommunications Relay Service," 44
Federal Communications Bar Journal 473-490 (May 1992).

Lee, Stephanie Hoit. "Wisconsin v. Rewolinski: do members of the deaf
community have a right to be free from search and seizure of their TDD
call?" 10 Law & Inequality 187-216 (June 1992).

Strauss, Karen & Richardson. "Breaking Down the Telephone Barrier - Relay
Services on the Line." 64 Temple Law Review 583-607 (1991).

"The Confidentiality of criminal conversations in TDD Relay Systems," 79
California Law Review 1349-87 (October 1991).

Burgdorf, Robert. "Equal Members of the Community: The Public Accommodations
Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act," 64 Temple Law Review 499
(1991).  "...the developments of the telecommunication relay service is an
accommodation to the interests of small businesses as an alternative to
requiring a place of public accommodation to provide a Telecommunication
Device for the Deaf (TDD)..."

Hyde, Merv.; Power, Des.; Round, Tom. "Telecommunication devices for the
deaf and the Telecommunications (Interception) Act 1979." 13 Australian
Journal of Law and Society 181-190 (1997).

Tucker, Bonnie. "The Disability Discrimination Act: ensuring rights of
Australians with disabilities, particularly hearing impairments." 21 Monash
University Law Review 15-52 (1995).

Pothier, Dianne. "Eldridge v. British Columbia (Attorney General) ((1997)
151 D.L.R.4th 577): how the deaf were heard in the Supreme Court of Canada."
9 National Journal of Constitutional Law 263-276 (May 1998).

Mike Yared
myared at erols.com

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