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Neurophone - Real or Not???

Radium glucegen at excite.com
Tue Sep 23 03:30:30 EST 2003

"Tommi" <tommiwide at suomi24.fi> wrote in message news:<bkis6t$llv$1 at news1.songnet.fi>...
> "Radium" <glucegen at excite.com> wrote in message
> news:pgpmoose.200309151057.15841 at net.bio.net...
> > I have read about the neurophone which claims to produce auditory
> > perception through nerve stimulation. Something to do with electric
> > signals of certain frequencies being sensed as sound by the brain.
> >
> > Science proves that temporal bone vibration can be used to cause
> > auditory pseudohallucinations.
> >
> > As far as direct electric nerve stimulation the only sound you could
> > possibly hear is the frying of nerves and other tissues by the
> > electrically-generated heat. Along with that maybe paralysis,
> > numbness, and death. Music is totally out of the question.
> >
> So the problem is in the heat generated by electrical components.
> I wonder if it'd be possible to use some kind of liquid to cool the
> components down..liquid helium, for example.

The liquid would be toxic to the tissues. Sealing it from the tissues
would take up a lot of room within the body. Heat is one of the
problems that arising from this. Others include electroporation and
excessive depolarization. Electricity passing through the body can
also cause muscle contractions that the injure bones. It is possible
that when applied to the head, the muscle contraction vibrate the
temporal bone thus causing an internal perception of sound. This does
not seem to fit Flantech's claim, though. They plan to use it solely
for deaf people. According to Flantech, the neurophone covers all
sounds from noise to music. I can imagine noise, yes. Music??? I don't
think it can even be used for speech!

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