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unexplained ear problem

Edward Edsel nobody at no-spam.net
Wed Feb 11 04:47:44 EST 2004

In December of 2003 my right ear was clogged and hyper-sensitive to sounds
(everyday noises became painful), my ear felt "clogged" and a bit muted. I
visited the doctor and they placed me on amoxicillin and "sulfa pills"
(sulphur) incase of an ear infection, however neither of these prescriptions

A visit to the audiologist revealed that my right eardrum is not moving as
much as the left
(according to pressure tests). (For those who are familiar with such tests,
the left is moving 7.0 and the right 4.5).

To this day my ear is painfull, congested, feels "blocked" and has alot of
After three doctors (two of which are ear/audiology specialists), they will
not even theorize what the problem could possibly be.

I've been taking a mixture of pseudeoephedrine HCI, dextromethorphan, and
guiafenessin which clears up the problem, albeit temporarily, it does help.
This would lead one to assume that the problem is partially an infection or
fluid, however the doctor(s) do not believe the problem is related to either
because they cannot see any fluid or other signs of a typical ear infection.
This is becomming extremely frustrating to deal with, and I would appreciate
any opionions, ideas or any information that you have to offer.

Thank you for reading this.

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