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High-tech, hit-and-run homicide

King George Nicco King_Nicco at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 07:57:20 EST 2004

Two or three years ago, an online news article with audio introduced
us to a young lady who suffered from auditory hallucinations.  She
provided a brief sketch of her predicament and showed us the ear plug
she wore in her right ear to relieve the inconvenience.  To my
knowledge there never appeared any responding articles addressing the
legitimacy of her alleged condition from a sound scientific

Soon came the "Audio Spotlight" by F. Joe Pompei of M.I.T. and then
"Hypersonic Sound" and "Acoustic Heterodyne" by Elwood Norris of
American Technology Corporation (www.atcsd.com).  We were informed
that we could now do anything with sound that we had subsequently been
able to do with light.  Patently untrue, of course, but I, at least,
noted no challenges to the claims.  We were advised that
industrial-strength versions of these devices were available and in
fact installed on Navy craft for deployment as mind control weapons. 
E-mail to the claimants was unanswered.

Then we hear of Dr. Igor Smirnov whom the FBI had allegedly intended
to team up with Charleton Heston, who was to use the good doctor's
secret device to project the "voice of God" into the heard of David
Koresh at Waco.  An English version of his website appears at
http://int.psycor.ru.  No technical or specification data was readily
apparent to describe the instrumentation.  Buried in the verbiage
relative to application one can find reference to known hostage or
prisoner forced interrogation methodology.  He possibly suggests that
his approach conducts the interrogation with equipment somewhat more
contemporary than the old loudspeakers which would have once been used
upon a subject in a cage.

At topica.com and yahoogroups.com we saw an emergence of so-called
"mind control" discussion forums.  MC at topica.com, hosted by a Wes
Thomas was one such group where alleged "victims" of "assault" were
directed for assistance.  Monitoring the group, though, one would soon
find indication that several of its subscribers were actually multiple
"virtual personalities" belonging to the same contributor.  One would
furthermore gain the awareness that the group was in fact subtly
functioning as a dis-information service rather than a gathering place
for true understanding.  Mr. Thomas claimed New York State as his
home.  As new "victims" arrive at the Thomas site, they are treated to
posts entitled "NSA - Hearing Voices," or "CIA - Hearing voices."  Mr.
Thomas will occasionally seek opinions as to the origin and purpose
behind these high-tech assaults.  He also hosts another forum for the
discussion of esoteric harassment technologies.  And he seems to hold
a collection of "accounts" from which certain new arrivals find
themselves presented with a near analog to the events that brought
them to the forum.

Also from New York emerged a web site claiming United States
Government Torture via mind control technologies appeared.  "Rush to
see Devices and methods to counter the effects of implants, and
directed energy.  Pendant necklace jamming device and information on
how to counter implants and directed energy and Neurophone attack."

On this site, your host introduces himself at
http://www.us-government-torture.com/author2.html, beginning: "An
introspective interview of John Mecca's perspectives from an
independent observer. An independent inventor with 6 U.S. registered
patents to his name, John Mecca focuses not only on space technology,
medical devices but primarily in design for the national defense, the
inventions are to promote the health and survival of human beings in
an era of unchecked technology. Born in New York, John Mecca taught
himself the foundative points of the sciences. The web site
www.us-government-torture.com was created in August 2000 in an effort
to educate the American public as well as the intelligence agents out
of the loop as to abuses of power in elite agencies technological

Looking up his patents, we find several frivolous issues such as this,
claiming to be a sighting device for anti-ballistic missles: "A
cylinder with one end convex, upon said end a disk with a hole in it
sits upon it to act as a pivoting mounting plate; stretched nitinol
wires are strung down the sides of the cylinder from the edge of the
disk to the opposite end of the cylinder rim edge. Each wire is fed an
independent voltage to cause length wise contraction of the wire. A
computer harmonized actuation of the contractions and relaxations of
the lengths of the nitinol wires causes the attitude of the disk
mounting plate to change."

After a few years of casual attention, one might gain the impression
that Mr. Thomas and Mr. Mecca are more closely related than originally
apparent.  The occasional slip-ups that evidence an unexplained
familiarity with an alleged victims circumstances eventually defy

A broader examination of Internet resources addressing the subject of
"mind control" might lead one  to the conclusion that this phenomenon
was born around 2000 - 2001.  One might also conclude that the
founders feel somewhat unhappy with U.S. Intelligence services.  Mr.
Thomas, himself, claims to have held several security clearances.  One
of his forum's virtual identities describes his experiences with text
copied literally from an existing Internet document addressing alleged
CIA practices.

Based upon 'net resources and communications with some of the "mind
control" celebrities, I have actually come to the conclusion that we
may shortly be treated to the fruits of a budding Internet publicity
stunt.  In part, it may provide us with an eye-opening awareness of
just how educationally-challenged are our people.  But in part, it may
likely be found to also double as a source of alibis for a class of
emotionally injured revenge contractors, and a source of material for
use in compromising the credibility of their victims.  It may also
serve as a cover for a means of monitoring the condition and
attitudinal states of recent victims, even victims of law enforcement
SNAFUS, possibly even homicide attempts.  This latter application
appears likely in the case of a Southern California mountains
resident, a near-blind ISP operator who angered local authorities of
small, politically unstable, resort town, by describing their
activities on his web site.  I am in fact now advised that a former
resident of this same community, a Robert Hoffman, editor of a
newspaper called the Bear Valley Voice, may have also fallen prey to
such treatment after publishing criticism of local law enforcement

Let us patiently await the maturation.  One looks forward to a novel
resolution as justice is finally and properly served.

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