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tree-drawing algorithm

zeitlyn at vax.oxford.ac.uk zeitlyn at vax.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Aug 21 07:01:50 EST 1991

Tree-drawing algorithm wanted.
I am looking for a (compiled?) version of a tree-drawing algorithm.  I want it
to help me draw complex genealogical trees.  Before you send me messages
telling me to ask Roots-l and use PAF let me explain what I want and why the
standard genealogical progs are no use to me. 
I am a social anthropologist (not an amateur genealogist) and I am trying to
with the genealogies of c.1500 individuals in the W. African village where my
research is based. Since marriages occur across generations (occasionally) as
well as often between distant cousins the whole chart is VERY complex.  When
you rememeber that men can have several wives simulataneoiusly, and that
divorce is frequent so a woman may have 10 husbands in a fertile lifetime you
begin to see the complexity I have to confront. I wish to draw stadnard anthl
diagrams with circles and triangles (no names and not ego-centred
anscendancy/descendancy charts hence not PAF and its ilk).
I suspect that someone in genetics or some other biological susbject may well
ahve had to deal with similar problems and already have a working algorithm for 
drawing these sorts of trees. Hence this posting - to avoid duplicatign work,
and, of course, in the hope that someone may permit me to use their algorithm.
I have a hypercard stack in which I have entered all the individuals.  If I can  
get xy coords for parents and children i can make hcard draw the tree so that
each symbol will be a button and jump you to the data card for the individual
concerend.  I hope this would be of interest to people other than
anthropologists so the possibility of collaboration is open...
Thanks in advance for answers!
david zeitlyn
research fellow
institute of social and cultural anthropology
university of oxford, uk

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