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Bug in ascii version of PIR Rel 29.

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Thu Aug 8 15:37:36 EST 1991

The ASCII version (I haven't looked at the VMS version yet) has a minor
error - no carriage return/line feeds.  Each line, however, is padded 
out to 80 characters.  I am fixing this right now and will have a fixed 
version out for FTP by Saturday at 12AM (very late Friday night) but
most likely tonight.  Check dates!

For those who have retrieved the files and can't write the program,
there is a rude little program called "putlf.c" in the pir directory.
Compile it with
	cc -O -o putlf putlf.c
and call it with
	putlf infile outfile
where "infile" is, for example, pir1.hox, and outfile is some other name,
like "pir1.hox.readable" :-).  Running the program without "infile" or
"outfile" results in a slightly rude message.

The next go-around will have these bugs worked out and offer:
1) files with trailing blanks removed to save space
2) newlines in the right places.

Thanks to Bill Pearson for pointing this out.

ps there are at least three other ways - dd, sed, and an emacs macro --
to fix the problem. Enjoy!

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