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Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Tue Aug 13 06:25:22 EST 1991

So I always talk about nic.funet.fi well here is a recent list of
the top ftp sites in the world. Some of these sites are new to me
but surprise... surprise they might be in your backyard... so check 
them out. The list was compiled by Ed Vielmetti, and if you think that 
your site should be on the list then let him know.

**************************  CLIP  ****************************
This is an experimental list, subject to change blah blah no
warranties blah blah.

I dumped out my packages database looking for things which I had given
reasonable names to, looking to gauge the top archive sites in the
world by some rational means.  The counts below measure something like
"number of directories on this site worth keeping an eye out for".
Most archive sites are useful for just about one collection, not any
more.  These places have a variety of stuff and are generally getting
more all the time.

It's an "objective" list, but it reflects my subjective judgement of
what I've been keeping track of.  Not really any surprises here.
If you want to get on the list, or if you want to nominate a site
that's not on the list to replace one that is, give me some ideas.  

One of the biases that's reflected in this list is that sites which
store a package in its own directory are rewarded.  There's a good
reason for that.  Filenames change, but directories tend not to move
so quickly; a reference to "all the files in the /pub/foobar
directory" is going to last 10x longer than "the file
/pub/foobar-1.03b.tar.Z".  Besides, if you want to support archie
"exact" queries (the fast ones) putting the token "foobar" into the
namespace is going to generate some hits.

Note that some very good sites are not on the list, e.g. the big mac
sites (mac.archive.umich.edu and sumex-aim.stanford.edu), the big NeXT
sites (the two at Purdue and the other one somewhere), etc etc.  I
just don't track those places as good as I track the others.  And
heroic installations like cs.dal.ca which tracks comp.archives don't
even show, which is a shame (gotta fix that).

  48 ftp.uu.net
  24 wuarchive.wustl.edu
  15 gatekeeper.dec.com
  13 archive.cis.ohio-state.edu
  13 nic.funet.fi
  11 ames.arc.nasa.gov
  11 ftp.cs.widener.edu
  11 pit-manager.mit.edu
  10 ucsd.edu
   8 cs.arizona.edu
   9 export.lcs.mit.edu
   9 ftp.cs.toronto.edu
   7 ics.uci.edu
   7 nuri.inria.fr
   7 scam.berkeley.edu
   7 titania.mathematik.uni-ulm.de
   7 uu.psi.com
   6 belch.berkeley.edu
   6 genbank.bio.net
   6 grape.ecs.clarkson.edu
   6 uxc.cso.uiuc.edu

ps. I lied there's only 21 (big tie for 22d)
Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, MSEN Inc. emv at msen.com
       MSEN, Inc. 628 Brooks Ann Arbor MI 48103 +1 313 741 1120
 for information on MSEN products and services contact info at msen.com

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