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Fri Aug 2 10:50:57 EST 1991

In article <9108011223.AA29986 at alw.nih.gov>, CZJ at CU.NIH.GOV writes:
> I may have missed this in the recent discussion about file compression,
> but is there a DOS equivalent to the UNIX compress/uncompress
> utilities?  The reason I ask is as follows:

I make no recommendations but take your pick from the following
available via anonymous ftp from nic.funet.fi
I mark with a * the ones that I have heard good reports about.
The directory is /pub/msdos/packing/compress.
SunPower4 /pub/msdos/packing/compress 5> more 00Index

      ****** DID I GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME FRANK? ******
00Index         This file (msdos/packing/compress/00Index)
alusq.com       All purpose file un-Squeezer
comp430d.lzh    Unix-compatible 16bit compress/uncompress/zcat ******
comp430s.lzh    C src: Unix-compat. 16-bit compress/uncompress
decomp2.lzh     Unix-compatible 16 bit uncompress, w/C source ******
huff_sc.lzh     Huffman compress encoder/decoder, C src & EXEs
lz13.lzh        Limpel-Ziv file compress/decompress w/ASM src
lzwpc.lzh       Lemple-Zev Compression Routines in C
nusq110.com     File unsqueezer, used with SQPC
nusq110.dqc     Documentation for NUSQ110.COM
pcusqnew.bas    Unsqueeze files, GWBASIC/BASICA
rle16_sc.lzh    RLE compression (16-bit header), C src & EXEs
rle8_sc.lzh     RLE compression (8-bit header), C src & EXEs
splint.lzh      Data compression for 'C' from Japan
sqdate.doc      Time stamping in SQ, NUSQ, etc.
sqpc131.lzh     Vernon Buerg's fast file squeezer, like NSQ
u16-v12.lzh     Decompress pgm for 16-bit LZW from 'COMPRESS' *****
uncr-dos.lzh    Uncrunch CP/M '?Z?' crunched files
uncr233.lzh     Uncrunch CP/M 'Z' files on MSDOS, w/wild cards 


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