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WANTED: non-windows software to get PC to multitask

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 25 19:20:05 EST 1992

In article <1992Sep25.155041.18260 at murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU> rhh2h at fulton.seas.Virginia.EDU (Ron Henderson) writes:
>I have heard that software packages exist to allow one to run two
>sessions at once on an IBM compatible PC.  I think a control sequence
>is used to alternate between the two sessions.

The two that come immediately to mind are:  Windows 3.1 and DesqView.

>Does anyone have information about such software. (I have a 286).

Your 286 immediately eliminates Windows.

Leaving DesqView, though running on a 286 will be questionable.
( A generic upgrade 386SX motherboard + 2 1-Meg SIMMS + one screwdriver
is running about $200 in many Computer Shopper ads. )

Windows is available off the shelf at *any* computer software outlet
and DesqView ads can be found in any issue of BYTE/PC World/etc.

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