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The Entrez CD-ROM and the Government Printing Office (US)

Richard J. Hughes rhughes at ucsd.edu
Thu Apr 1 13:38:37 EST 1993

In article <rhughes.40.0 at ucsd.edu> rhughes at ucsd.edu (Richard J. Hughes) writes:

>Has anyone else been having trouble ordering the Entrez CD-ROM from the US 
>Government Printing Office?  I have had plenty of difficulty.

>I initially faxed an order, waited, received no response and faxed a 
>query.  Still no reponse.  Thanks to help from the Net, I managed to locate 
>their voice telephone number.  I had in fact sent the faxes to the correct 
>telephone number but they had been ignored because they didn't include a 
>check (?...but that's what they said).  I wonder why they even have a FAX 

>When you call the Gov't Printing Office, you are put on hold for a long 
>time. When someone finally answers, the audio is so faint as to be almost 
>indiscernable (maybe 5 dB above background).  I and one of our secretaries 
>have called them on four separate occasions and have made very little 
>headway.  The audio always borders on the inaudible and whoever you speak to 
>passes the buck (and you) to someone else.  You can just tell that they
>aren't interested in selling you this CD-ROM.

>Turns out that they won't send out the goods without prepayment.  UCSD 
>P.O.'s aren't good enough.  But UCSD can't generate a P.O. number without an 
>invoice.  The Gov't printing office doesn't want to send invoices without 
>the goods.  Catch 22.

>**<<flame on>>**
>It ticks me off that I'm paying taxes to support these bozos in a job 
>that they don't give a damn about.
>**<<flame off>>**

It turns out that the staff at NCBI are totally unlike those at the GPO.  I 
received an e-mail response to the above net message from Dennis at NCBI the 
same day.  Next morning, Rose Marie called and this morning I received a 
Fed Ex package containing a copy of Entrez.  Wow!  Thanks guys.

The folks who work at NCBI are clearly a different breed than those who work 
at GPO.  I should have known that already, I guess.  Greg Schuler 
promptly sent me a copy of the manual for his fantastic MACAW program.  All 
I had to do was ask.

Richard J. Hughes

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