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PostScript and Mac MS Word

Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics THOMPSON at WSUVMS1.CSC.WSU.EDU
Fri Apr 2 13:40:12 EST 1993

Hello Leslie and the rest of the bio-soft world -

Leslie Chan <chan at lake.scar.utoronto.ca> 
in message <9304020242.AA08898 at lake.scar.utoronto.ca>


>Hello all,
>I downloaded why {what} I thought was a plain text file via anonymous FTP but
>it turned out to be a postscript file. I use Word on a Macintosh but I
>can't seem to convert the file to readable form. Any suggestions would
>be greatly appreciated.
>Leslie Chan
>Chan at lake.scar.utoronto.ca

Using ONLY MS Word on a Mac, the only way that I know of {who knows how many
others there really are 8-)} to interpret actual postscript is by selecting ALL
of the PostScript text with your mouse and then using the Style options in one
of your menus {I'm sorry but I am not sitting at my Mac now so I can't describe
the actual menu entry names} such that the selected text is converted to Word's
special PostScript Style.  This converts it into a special reserved format
which Apple LaserWriters recognize as being true PostScript rather than just
ASCI.  Then print that file to your Laserwriter from within word.

Other ways which do not use Word include the Apple LaserWriter Utility which
can download ASCI PostScript files to a Laserwriter printer for interpretation
and the public domain package GhostScript which can allow onscreen previewing
of most PostScript files.  These topics have been covered several times within
this newgroup and summaries are available by Gopher through IUBIO.

What "I" would like to be able to figure out is how to accurately position and
rescale EPSF files within an MS WORD document.  It may not be possible but I
keep trying.  I know it should be possible within "fancier" layout and graphics
packages such as PageMaker and Canvas but my {and our program's} empty pockets
preclude that route. 
						G'day All, Steve T

                              Steven M. Thompson
            Consultant in Molecular Genetics and Sequence Analysis
VADMS (Visualization, Analysis & Design in the Molecular Sciences) Laboratory
           Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1224, USA
          AT&Tnet:  (509) 335-0533 or 335-3179  FAX:  (509) 335-0540
                  BITnet:  THOMPSON at WSUVMS1 or STEVET at WSUVM1
                   INTERnet:  THOMPSON at wsuvms1.csc.wsu.edu

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