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Complete (small) genome wanted

Dan Jacobson danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu
Mon Apr 5 09:38:55 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr5.040245.25101 at ramsey.cs.laurentian.ca> abigail at ramsey.cs.laurentian.ca (Shawn Abigail) writes:
>Work is proceeding on a small gene analysis program I am working on.
>With the package, I would like to include the entire sequenced genome
>of some organism (one that has a small genome).  I was thinking
>that phage T4 might fit the bill.  Anyway, does anybody know where
>I could ftp such a thing (perhaps in GenBank format).  I do not
>have any other software running on our mainframe, and I do not have
>access to a cd-rom (i.e. I have no way of searching the entire GenBank
>library).  If anyone knows where I could ftp some small but completely
>sequenced genome (and only that genome), please send me some email.
A gopher search of genbank for:

complete and genome

yields *lots* of (too many) candidates for you.  If you want a phage
genome a search for:

complete and genome and phage

yields about 6 complete genomes for you, ranging in size from 
3.5 kb (Bacteriophage MS2) to 46.6 kb (Bacteriophage lambda).  

A search for 

complete and genome and bacteriophage 

will yield a few more genomes in the same size range.

If you don't know what gopher is don't worry it's free and on the net,
write me a note if you need information on how to get started with

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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