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Looking for the program Gene Jockey. Thanks!

Eric Geerdes ericg at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Fri Apr 9 10:55:44 EST 1993


Here is a sample of the responses to my post.  What a Group!...


At  1:15 PM 4/8/93 -0400, Doug.Eernisse at um.cc.umich.edu wrote:
 > It is commercial but I believe there is a partly functional
 >demo version around. Have you checked ftp.bio.indiana.edu in
 >the /molbio/mac directory? It is fast and has some interesting
 >capabilities as I recollect.
 >Doug Eernisse


At  3:23 PM 4/9/93 +0200, Kirk Schnorr wrote:
 >I have used GeneJockey and have found it to be one of the best integrated
 >DNA analysis program I have worked with.  It is available from an English
 >software firm called Biosoft, 22 Hills Road Cambridge, CB2 1JP
 >I am surprized no one has mentioned the package until now.  One reason may
 >be that you have to pay for it.  If I recall it is about 500 German marks.
 > They will send a demo version if asked.  The demo version is the best way
 >to assess the program.

At 10:17 AM 4/9/93 -0400, genecodes at aol.com wrote:
 >Hi Eric,
 >If you are looking for Mac software, you should take a look at Sequencher
 >from Gene Codes.  I know there are some people at UCSD who are doing
 >a reasonable ammount of DNA sequencing. ... There was a short review of
 >Sequencher in the December issue of MacWorld (p. 274).  
 >Send me your surface mail address and I'll see that someone sends you a
 >demo kit.  Sequencher is not as broad an application as Gene Jockey or 
 >the GCG package on the Vax, but it covers sequencing technology in depth,
 >is extremely well designed and easy to use, and is technically way ahead 
 >of the other commercial packages on the market.
 >Howard Cash
[ contact genecodes at aol.com for more info ]

At  1:31 PM 4/9/93 +0948, Rod Bonfiglioli wrote:
 > >...
 >  the prograsm is mareketed by a firm in cambridge, UK.  the firm will send 
 >a crippled demo that is absolutely useless and wont really show you anything the
 >program will do,.  i got a copy of this crippled demo disk, and got very little
 >idea what the program would do, so i didnt bother buying it.  best of luck
 >though.  if no-one else on the net sends you the adress of the firm (i cant
 >think of it off the top top top of my head...) get back to me and i will find
 >the address for you.
 >Rod Bonfiglioli, Waite Agricultural Research Institute,
 >University of Adelaide, South Australia.
 >e-mail rbonfigl at waite.adelaide.edu.au

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