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Program & Reg Forms: 1st Int Conf on Intelligent Sys for Mol Biology

Jude Shavlik shavlik at cs.wisc.edu
Thu Apr 22 12:02:38 EST 1993

[For those attending the AAAI conf this summer, note that
this conference is immediately preceding it.]


              First International Conference on
          Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

                       Washington, D.C.
                        July 6-9, 1993

Sponsored by:
  The National Institutes of Health, 
     National Library of Medicine

  The Department of Energy, 
     Office of Health and Environmental Research

  The Biomatrix Society

  The American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

Poster Session and Tutorials:  
  Bethesda Ramada Hotel

Technical Sessions:
  Lister Hill Center Auditorium, National Library of Medicine

For more information contact ISMB at nlm.nih.gov or FAX (608)262-9777

This, the First International Conference on Intelligent Systems 
for Molecular Biology, is the inaugural meeting in a series 
intended to bring together scientists who are applying the 
technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics, machine 
learning, massively parallel computing, advanced data modelling, 
and related methods to problems in molecular biology.  The scope 
extends to any computational or robotic system supporting a 
biological task that is cognitively challenging, involves a 
synthesis of information from multiple sources at multiple levels, 
or in some other way exhibits the abstraction and emergent 
properties of an "intelligent system."  

The conference will be held at
   Lister Hill Center 
   National Library of Medicine
   8600 Rockville Pike
   NIH, Building 38A
   Bethesda MD 20894
Seating in the conference center is strictly limited, so 
registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
Accomodations, as well as a reception and poster session, will be 
at the
   Bethesda Ramada Hotel 
   8400 Wisconsin Avenue
   Bethesda MD 20814
A special room rate has been negotiated with the hotel, of $92/day 
(expires 6/21).  Attendees must make their own reservations, by 
writing the hotel or calling (800)331-5252 and mentioning the 
ISMB conference.  To participate in a roommate matching service, 
e-mail opitz at cs.wisc.edu.

The two facilities are within easy walking distance, convenient to 
the subway (Metro Red Line, Medical Center stop), and from there 
to the Amtrak station.  Nearby airports include Dulles, National, 
and Baltimore-Washington International. 

Full-length papers from both talks and posters will be published in
archival proceedings.  The citation is: 

  Proceedings of the First International 
  Conference on Intelligent Systems for 
  Molecular Biology (eds. L. Hunter, 
  D. Searls, and J. Shavlik) AAAI/MIT
  Press, Menlo Park CA, 1993.  

Copies will be distributed at the conference to registered 
attendees, and will be available for purchase from the publisher 

Wednesday, July 7, 1993
8:00-9:00am     Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:15am     Opening Remarks

9:15-10:30am    Invited Talk
 "Statistics, Protein Cores, and Predicted Structures"
 Prof. Temple Smith (Boston University)

10:30-11:00am	Break

11:00am	"Constructive Induction and Protein Structure Prediction"
 T.R. Ioerger, L. Rendell, & S. Surbramaniam

11:30am	"Protein Secondary-Structure Modeling with Probabilistic 
 Networks"  A.L. Delcher, S. Kasif, H.R. Goldberg, & W. Hsu

12:00-1:30pm	Lunch

1:30pm	"Protein Secondary Structure using Two-Level Case-Based 
 Reasoning"  B. Leng, B.G. Buchanan, & H.B. Nicholas

2:00pm 	"Automatic Derivation of Substructures Yields Novel 
 Structural Building Blocks in Globular Proteins" 
 X. Zhang, J.S. Fetrow, W.A. Rennie, D.L. Waltz, & G. Berg

2:30pm 	"Using Dirichlet Mixture Priors to Derive Hidden Markov 
 Models for Protein Families" M. Brown, R. Hughey, A. Krogh, 
 I.S. Mian, K. Sjolander, & D. Haussler

3:00-3:30pm	Break

3:30pm	"Protein Classification using Neural Networks" 
 E.A. Ferran, B. Pflugfelder, & P. Ferrara

4:00pm	"Neural Networks for Molecular Sequence Classification"
 C. Wu, M. Berry, Y-S. Fung, & J. McLarty

4:30pm	"Computationally Efficient Cluster Representation in 
 Molecular Sequence Megaclassification"  D.J. States, N. Harris, 
 & L. Hunter

7:00-7:30pm     Poster Setup
7:30-10:00pm    Reception & Poster Session 

Thursday, July 8, 1993
8:00-9:00am     Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:15am    Invited Talk
 "Large-Scale DNA Sequencing:  A Tale of Mice and Men"
 Prof. Leroy Hood (University of Washington)

10:15-10:45am	Break

10:45am	"Pattern Recognition for Automated DNA Sequencing: 
 I. On-Line Signal Conditioning and Feature Extraction for 
 Basecalling"  J.B. Bolden III, D. Torgersen, & C. Tibbetts

11:15am	"Genetic Algorithms for Sequence Assembly" 
 R. Parsons, S. Forrest, & C. Burks

11:45am	"A Partial Digest Approach to Restriction Site Mapping"
 S.S. Skiena & G. Sundaram

12:15-2:00pm	Lunch

2:00pm	"Integrating Order and Distance Relationships from 
 Heterogeneous Maps"  M. Graves 

2:30pm	"Discovering Sequence Similarity by the Algorithmic 
 Significance Method"  A. Milosavljevic

3:00pm	"Identification of Human Gene Functional Regions Based on 
 Oligonucleotide Composition"  V.V. Solovyev & C.B. Lawrence

3:30pm	"Knowledge Discovery in GENBANK"
 J.S. Aaronson, J. Haas, & G.C. Overton

4:00-4:30pm	Break

4:30pm	"An Expert System to Generate Machine Learning 
 Experiments: Learning with DNA Crystallography Data"
 D. Cohen, C. Kulikowski, & H. Berman 

5:00pm 	"Detection of Correlations in tRNA Sequences with 
 Structural Implications"  T.M. Klingler & D. Brutlag

5:30pm	"Probabilistic Structure Calculations: A Three-
 Dimensional tRNA Structure from Sequence Correlation Data" 
 R.B. Altman

Friday, July 9, 1993
8:00-9:00am     Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:15am    Invited Talk
 "Artificial Intelligence and a Grand Unified Theory of 
 Biochemistry" Prof. Harold Morowitz (George Mason University)

10:15-10:45am	Break

10:45am	"Testing HIV Molecular Biology in in silico Physiologies" 
 H.B. Sieburg & C. Baray

11:15am	"Identification of Localized and Distributed Bottlenecks 
 in Metabolic Pathways"  M.L. Mavrovouniotis

11:45am	"Fine-Grain Databases for Pattern Discovery in Gene 
 Regulation"  S.M. Veretnik & B.R. Schatz

12:15-2:00pm	Lunch

2:00pm	"Representation for Discovery of Protein Motifs"
 D. Conklin, S. Fortier, & J. Glasgow

2:30pm	"Finding Relevant Biomolecular Features"  
 L. Hunter & T. Klein

3:00pm	"Database Techniques for Biological Materials and 
 Methods"  K. Baclawski, R. Futrelle, N. Fridman, 
 & M.J. Pescitelli

3:30pm	"A Multi-Level Description Scheme of Protein 
 Conformation"  K. Onizuka, K. Asai, M. Ishikawa, & S.T.C. Wong

4:00-4:30pm	Break

4:30pm	"Protein Topology Prediction through Parallel Constraint 
 Logic Programming"  D.A. Clark, C.J. Rawlings, J. Shirazi, 
 A. Veron, & M. Reeve

5:30pm	"A Constraint Reasoning System for Automating Sequence-
 Specific Resonance Assignments in Multidimensional Protein
 NMR Spectra"  D. Zimmerman, C. Kulikowski, & G.T. Montelione

5:30-5:45pm	Closing Remarks

                         POSTER SESSION
The following posters will be on display at the Bethesda Ramada 
Hotel from 7:30-10:00pm, Wednesday, July 7.

[1] "The 

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