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The Gopher Book 1.0

by way of mangalam at salk-sc2.sdsc.edu Harry Mangalam kgamiel at KUDZU.CNIDR.ORG
Fri Apr 23 11:32:29 EST 1993

Just to make sure that everyone that needs to know sees this, a repost from

Announcing...drum roll please... 

                        The Gopher Book 1.0

                            Kevin Gamiel
                    MCNC CNIDR and UNC-Chapel Hill

        The Gopher Book is a Gopher client for Microsoft Windows versions
        3.x.  The application is based on the Windows Sockets (Winsock) 
        network API, available from your favorite vendor and, for a limited
        time, from Netmange (see note below).

        - sunsite.unc.edu pub/micro/pc-stuff/ms-windows/winsock/gophbook.zip
                and gophbook.txt.

        - ftp.cnidr.org pub/NIDR.tools/Gopher/pc/windows/gophbook.zip 
                and gophbook.txt. (soon)

        - boombox.micro.umn.edu <Where they decide to put it>

Installing The Gopher Book

        1)  Copy GOPHBOOK.ZIP to an appropriate directory
        2)  Execute PKUNZIP.EXE -d GOPHBOOK.ZIP.  A subdirectory named
                GOPHBOOK will be created containing the files indicated
                in GOPHBOOK.TXT
        3)  From the Windows Program Manager, select 'File', 'New'.
        4)  Select 'Group Item' and create a group named "Gopher Book 1.0"
        5)  Again select 'File', 'New'.
        6)  Select 'Program Item' and enter the following information:
                Description:  The Gopher Book 1.0
                Command Line: <path>\GOPHBOOK\TBOOK.EXE GOPHBOOK.TBK
                Working Dir: <path>\GOPHBOOK
                Shortcut: None
        7)  Double click on the icon and start Gophering!

More on Winsock
        If you're not using Winsock, you're missing the boat in a big
        way.  Ask your vendor for more info.
        Netmanage is providing the base service on a trial basis.
        Ftp to sunsite.unc.edu and get netmanage.zip from the 
        pub/micro/pc-stuff/ms-windows/winsock directory.

Couldn't have done it without
        Netmanage, Inc.
        Lanera, Inc.
        Microsoft, Inc.
        Winsock Crew

MCNC CNIDR - 919-248-1499 
UNC OIT Computing Systems Development Group - 919-962-9107

Tar Heel Information Services - "Nothing but net!"

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