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James Bonfield rince at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Wed Apr 28 03:46:52 EST 1993

In <C65AH0.D51 at ncifcrf.gov> diachun at ncifcrf.gov (Justin Diachun) writes:

> In article <1993Apr27.001246.17373 at kakwa.ucs.ualberta.ca> chris_upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca writes:
> >I know GCG will run on SGI, does anyone have the Staden package running
> >on SGI? Output is to X-windows but is this SUN specific? 
> We use Staden too, and I was wondering this myself.  None of the X
> stuff seems Sun specific from what I see.  I considered trying to
> compile it on an SGI but it seems like it would be a major project to
> get it working with confidence.  I asked around once and nobody
> claimed to have done it.  Someone please speak up if they have; I

Ok, we are speaking up:


We support the software on Sun SPARC (SunOS 4.1), DEC MIPS (Ultrix),
DEC ALPHA (OSF/1), SGI R4000, and Alliant fx2800.
We expect it also runs on other UNIX boxes.  Also we have a version
for VAXes and VMS but its development was stopped in April 1991
and its future development is undecided. Those with hardware we
don't support will require ANSI C and FORTRAN77 compilers.  The
programs require either tektronix terminals/emulators, or X
terminals/emulators. The X versions require X11 release 4 or later.
The package is distributed on several tape formats - QIC-150,
exabyte (8mm) and TK50.

If you want further information plus application forms, and you
haven't already done so, please send your full postal address.

Recent publications include:

Staden,R Screening protein and nucleic acid sequences against libraries of
patterns, DNA Sequence 1, 369-374 (1991).

Dear,S and Staden,R A sequence assembly and editing program for efficient 
management of large projects, Nucleic Acid Res. 19, 3907-3911 (1991).

Staden,R and Dear,S Indexing the sequence libraries: Software providing
a common indexing system for all the standard sequence libraries. DNA
Sequence 3, 99-105 (1992).

Dear,S and Staden,R A standard file format for data from DNA sequencing
instruments. DNA Sequence 3, 107-110 (1992)


Ok, a few brief notes to the above information. We have sucessfully compiled
the package on an R3000 based SGI, but this is an older version and we have no
new binaries for this machine. I have no idea how binary compatible this is
with the R4000 SGI. We have not got access to an R4400 based SGI, but we
suspect there to be no problems. Our package is distributed with both source,
and the binaries for the system you require. If you do recompile our package
on another system not on our list please do inform us of any problems.


James Bonfield (jkb at mrc-lmba.cam.ac.uk)
Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road,
Cambridge, CB2 2QH, England. Tel: 0223 402499   Fax: 0223 412282

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