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postscript viewer for DOS

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Fri Feb 5 17:24:48 EST 1993

David Salt Writes:
>Well I am rather apprehensive about asking this question now as it is
>not directly related to computers in biology (re the extensine moanings
>about intel chips on this group!) other than to help a biologist produce
>better presentations of his work.

Pay no attention to those plaintive cries of gloom/doom!  While in-depth
discussion of die masks and superscalar instruction sets may be a bit
off-topic, any wombat that follows the group can read the header and skip
it if it offends their delicate sensibilities.

>Well the question is simple does anyone know of a program for mswindows that
>would allow me to view a postscript file and that is ftp'able (OK and buy'able)
>The reason I ask is that my department is thinking of buying a slide maker
>from polaroid which works through windows and to make it usable by alot of
>people it would be nice just to print to disc as postscript, go to the machine
>look at the files in windows and then send them to the slide maker (it works
>like a windows printer driver).

   If the WinDoze restriction isn't set in stone, and you're somewhat
compu-tent, you can ftp GHOSTSCRIPT (386 version also available - may
require a certain amount of futzing to get the 32-bit addressing set up
correctly) from any of a number of FTP (ie - oak.oakland.edu in
/pub/msdos/postscript - file is ps252386.zip, I believe) sites (and the
related fonts - free, but in a separate file), and then use it as an
extremely good PS previewer. 
   Alternatively, I just recently got a mailing for Hijaak for Windows that
seems to do a number of useful image conversion/viewing routines including
viewing PS output.  !!!On sale NOW for ONLY $99!!! .....8)......

   It does come with a 30 day money back and I've heard from a couple of
people that if you need to do lots of image bashing, it's one of the better
pkgs to do it with, but I've never used it and so this is not a personal

Nuf said,
Good Hunting

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