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GCG and Future directions

Dave Knecht KNECHT at UCONNVM.bitnet
Fri Feb 19 10:04:07 EST 1993

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Subject:      Future directions
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I seemed to have idadvertantly touched a nerve-  I really did not intend to fla
me GCG.  I agree that it is the best and most comprehensive package available a
nd I use it.  I find that 95% of what I do, I can do on my Mac with shareware p
lus DNA Strider.  The other 5% I do on GCG with a manual on my map because I ca
nnot remember form one time to the next what the commands are.  Is there really
 a shell out there that makes GCG easier to use?  GCGMENU seems to make access
easier but does not make it menu driven.  What I was really getting at with my
query was the future, not of GCG specifically, but software generally.  Over th
e past few years we hav seen lots of Mac shareware that is great (Thanks to Don
 Gilbert esp.), we have seen things like GEneworks, MacVector and DNAStar impro
ving to near GCG capabilities in some areas.  From my chair, I have not seen ot
her Unix world directions.  What is it that is being developed in th Unix world
, and will it replace or add to my present PC capabilities?  Dave
Standard disclaimers- No connections, just too much to do and not enough time!

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