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Best of MSDOS (Part1)

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CSC.FI
Sat Jan 2 05:31:26 EST 1993

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>From: kko at fraser.sfu.ca (Samuel Ko)
>Subject: The Most Useful MSDOS Programs at Simtel20 and Garbo (Part I)
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>Summary: A list of recommended msdos programs at major ftp sites. 
>Keywords: Simtel20, Garbo, sharewares, freewares, PD programs, ftp
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>Organization: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C., Canada
>Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1993 23:14:18 GMT
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Archive-name: msdos-archives/part1
Last-modified: Jan 1, 1993
Version: 2.0

     The Most Useful MSDOS Programs at Simtel20 and Garbo (Part I)
       ****   The Ultimate Guide to MSDOS Archive Files   ****

Version: 2.0  Jan 1, 1993  (so, Happy New Year!!!)

Compiled by Samuel Ko (kko at sfu.ca)

This is a good selection of the "best" sharewares and freewares that are
available from Simtel20 (wsmr-simtel20.army.mil) - the largest depository
of MSDOS files - and Garbo (garbo.uwasa.fi) - a good alternative to Simtel20.
This list contains many commonly-and-frequently-wanted sharewares/freewares/
public domain programs. So before you post any requests for ftp'able MSDOS
files in comp.archives.msdos.d, comp.binaries.ibm.pc.wanted or other msdos/pc
newsgroups, please try to read the list first. This will help reduce the
traffic in those groups a bit. Besides you might find some other interesting
stuff here.

As it is more convenient to ftp files from Simtel20's mirror sites than
Simtel20 itself, so I use the directories of oak.oakland.edu (the most
up-to-date mirror site) instead. If you want to use the parent site (Simtel20)
or other mirror sites (e.g. wuarchive.wustl.edu), please change the path name
accordingly. Here is how to do it:  (`whatever' is the name of subdirectory
to be substituted)

oak: /pub/msdos/whatever = Simtel20: PD1:<MSDOS.WHATEVER>
                         = wuarchive: /mirrors/msdos/whatever

Please note that garbo is mirrored in N. America at wuarchive. Therefore
garbo: /pc/whatever = wuarchive: /mirrors/garbo.uwasa.fi/whatever

For info on other Simtel20 and Garbo mirror sites, please see Appendix 1.

If you do not have ftp access, please read Appendix 2 for instructions
on how to obtain most of the files listed below by e-mail.

Thanks to all who have helped in improving the list. However, to save
some bandwidth, I do not want to include a long list (over 150 names) of
acknowledgment. I do sincerely thank each and every one of you who has
contributed to this compilation in one way or the other.

Any further comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated. I am
particularly interested in any programs that you think are better than those
listed below.

I will usually update this list once a month. So, the next issue will be
out in early February.

General format of an entry:
Program:  Name and/or Description
Version:  The latest release
Upload Date:  The date the program was uploaded to Simtel or Oak
File:  The name of the file that corresponds to the program
Size:  The size of the archive file
Location:  The directory from which the file can be found
Status:  Shareware / Freeware Info
         Shareware - copyrighted (or patented) programs distributed and sold
         on a "try before you buy" basis.
         Freeware - copyrighted programs which do not require compensation
         for use in most cases.
         Public Domain - free from copyrights; open to use by anyone
         without compensation.
Comment:  My comment and supplementary info
Alternative:  Other similar program

Part I
* Section A:  Application Programs
* Section B:  Compression / Decompression Programs
* Section C:  Utilities
   Area 1:  4DOS
   Area 2:  Disk Utilites
   Area 3:  Directory Utilities
   Area 4:  File / Text Utilities

[ Part II
   Area 5:  Screen Utilites
   Area 6:  System Utilites
   Area 7:  Other Utilities
* Section D:  Anti-Virus Programs
* Section E:  Editors
* Section F:  Communication Programs
* Section G:  Miscellaneous Files
* Appendix 1:  Mirror Sites
* Appendix 2:  Obtaining files by e-mail
* Appendix 3:  Getting upload announcements by e-mail
* Appendix 4:  How to do anonymous ftp?  ]

Section A:  Application Programs
Program: PC-Write Advanced Level Word-Processor
Version: 4.0
Upload Date: 92/07/24
Files: pcwal401.zip (Program), pcwal402.zip (Help/Spell)
       pcwal1403.zip (Conversion), pcwal404.zip (Printer)
Size: 946,024 bytes (total)
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/editor
          garbo: /pc/txtutil
Status: Shareware
Comment: PC-Write is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated word-processor
         There is a simpler version - pcws201*.zip (oak only) ...
Program: AsEasyAs Spreadsheet
Version: 5.01c
Upload Date: 92/07/08
File: aea501c.zip
Size: 338,568 bytes
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/spreadsheet
          garbo: /pc/spreadsheet
Status: Shareware
Comment: A powerful Lotus 123 clone ...
         There is a "lighter" version - alite1f.zip (oak only) ...
Program: Buttonware's PC-File Database
Version: 6.5
Upload Date: 92/08/11
Files: pcf65{a,b,c}.zip
Size: 895,990 bytes  (total)
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/dbase
          garbo: /pc/database
Status: Shareware
Comment: This database program is fine as long as you've got disk-space
         for it ...
Alternative: RExL (rexl211{a,b,c}.zip in /pub/msdos/database) (oak only)
             File expresss (fe51-{a,b,c}.zip) (ditto)
Program: EnVision Publisher
Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 92/12/02
Files: evp10{a,b}.zip
Size: 669,413 bytes (total)
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/deskpub
          garbo: not available
Status: Shareware
Comment: Great! ... A WYSIWYG full-feature desktop publishing program ...
Program: Draft Choice CAD
Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 92/07/15
File: dc20.zip
Size: 314,791 bytes
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/cad
          garbo: /pc/cad
Status: Shareware
Comment: A good computer-assisted-design program ... Get dcfonts.zip ...
BTW ... Data flow diagrams ...
        - Analyst's Toolkit (atk15ibm.zip in /pub/msdos/flowchart) - good
        - EasyCase (ezcase17.zip in /pub/msdos/case) - limited CASE
        Flow-Charts ...
        - FLODRAW (fdrw225{a,b}.zip - /pub/msdos/flowchart) (CGA only?)
Program: X(Plore) Mathematical Toolchest
Version: 4
Upload Date: 92/06/08
File: cc4-9206.zip
Size: 417,716 bytes
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/calculator
          garbo: /pc/math
Status: Shareware
Comment: A sophisticated calculus calculator ... doing numeric math ...
Alternatives: Symbolic Calculator (sm211a.zip) - doing symbolic math
              Mercury (mrcry209.zip) - solving equations (in /.../math for oak)
Section B:  Compression / Decompression Programs
Synopsis - DOS and UNIX
                  DOS                                UNIX
                  ---                                ----
*.zip          pkz110eu.exe  (pkz193a.exe)        zip10ex.tar-z (or .tar.Z)
               zip10exx.zip  (zip19p1x.zip)       zip19p1.tar-z (or .tar.Z)
               unzip50.exe                        unzip50.tar-z (or .tar.Z)

*.arj          arj230ng.exe (arj239a.exe)         --
               unarj230.zip                       unarj230.tar-z (or *.tar.Z)

*.lzh          lha213.exe                         lha-101u.tar-z (oak)
                                                  lha-1.00.tar.Z (garbo)

*.arc          pk361.exe                          arc521e.tar-z (oak)
               arc602.exe                         arc.tar.Z (garbo)

*.zoo          zoo210.exe                         zoo210.tar-z (or .tar.Z)
               booz20.zip                         booz20.tar-z (or .Z)

*.hpk          hpack78.zip                        hpack78src.tar.Z (garbo only)

*.sqz          sqz1082e.exe                

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