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MacTCP and Eudora

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Thu Jan 14 18:36:31 EST 1993

Harry Mangalam (me) mistakenly wrote:
>>The latest (?) version (1.1.1, required to run with Sys 7.1), is available
>>with the demo package Xgator on the Sumex archives (sumex-aim.stanford.edu)
>>in the /info-mac/demo directory.  Of course, according to Apple, you may
>>not use this MacTCP with any other piece of software..........

Dr. BoBolicious corrected:
>Unfortunately, this is no longer true.  It was there briefly, but then it
>was discovered that Cayman didn't have the necessary license to distribute
>MacTCP 1.1.1, so now it's just XGator.

Sigh..... Things just change too fast......
And tho I (quickly) checked the usual archives, I couldn't find an included
MacTCP 1.1.1.  

   Not to take this discussion too far afield, but because this will
probably affect a number of Mac users as they upgrade to Sys 7.1 and
beyond, I include the following correspondence that might throw some light
on this subject.

Gophered from the info-mac.src:
Info Mac Digest
me at suzuka.u-strasbg.fr (Michel Eytan LILoL)
Info-Mac Digest V10 #277:  A final look at MacTCP 1.1.1

Date: Fri, 20 Nov 92 09:05:01 GMT
From: me at suzuka.u-strasbg.fr (Michel Eytan LILoL)
Subject: A final look at MacTCP 1.1.1


I am not sure Netiquette allows reposting of mail from another list. Should it
*be* OK, please post the following to I-M Digest (reminder: my .sig is 145
bytes long, but you may delete all but the 1st line should you deem it
necessary), originally on the 'eudora` list. Thanks.

 -------------cut here------------

Here is what Steve Dorner had to say about the MacTCP affair:


>MacTCP Licensing:
>Thanks to all who sent mail regarding MacTCP licensing to Alistair Woodman
>(MacTCP product manager, woodman1 at applelink.apple.com).  I received some
>email yesterday from him.  I will not repost it here, as he asked me not to
>do so; he is going to reply personally.  However, he did clarify some
>points for me, and I feel it's safe to pass the clarifications on to all of
>1. Apple will honor existing internal use licenses for MacTCP; licensees
>will receive the 1.1.1 upgrade, with no added fees.
>2. Apple will honor existing commercial redistribution licenses for MacTCP;
>licensees will be allowed to resistribute 1.1.1, with no added fees.
>However, there is indeed a revocation clause in these new licenses.
>3. Apple will sell individual copies of "The TCP Connection" for $60.  This
>will include MacTCP 2.0 and "SNMP".
>4. The high site license fees do apply to all new site licenses.  However,
>there are going to be volume licenses, based on the number of units you
>It is still unclear as to whether existing licenses will apply to MacTCP
>2.0.  Rumor has it they will not; I have asked Mr Woodman to clarify this
>Much depends on the pricing of the volume licenses.  Perhaps these will be
>reasonable, but I have been given no numbers.
>If Apple intends to replace site licenses with volume licenses, they could
>have saved us all a lot of anguish by having the terms of the volume
>licenses available at the same time they raised the prices on the site
>Steve Dorner, Qualcomm, Inc.
Michel Eytan                                    eytan at dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr
Labo. Info., Log., Lang.                        V: +33 88 41 74 29
Univ. Strasbourg II                             F: +33 88 41 74 40

And a bit more info on the beast from: 
Info Mac Digest
Jeffrey L. Needleman <needje at msen.com>
Info-Mac Digest V10 #231:  MacTCP 1.1.1 available!

Date: Fri, 25 Sep 92 18:05 EDT
From: Jeffrey L. Needleman <needje at msen.com>
Subject: MacTCP 1.1.1 available!

Here's an announcement from Apple as posted on comp.sys.mac.comm:

>In article <1992Sep21.171304.14577 at gallant.apple.com> John Veizades,
veizades at apple.com writes:
>>MacTCP 1.1.1, Apple's TCP/IP implementation for the Macintosh, is now
available from APDA.
>>APDA can be reached at (800) 282-2732 from the U.S., at (800) 637-0029 from
>>Canada and (408) 562-3910 from International locations.
>>MacTCP 1.1.1 is required for use with System Software version 7.1.
>>Enclosed are the release notes for MacTCP 1.1.1.
>>John Veizades...
>>Apple Computer, Inc.
>>Senior Engineer, MacTCP Team
>>Release Notes for MacTCP v1.1.1
>>Copyright )1992, Apple Computer, Inc.
>>All rights reserved.
>>August 14, 1992
>>MacTCP v1.1.1 is an update release for MacTCP v1.1.  It includes the
>>- The number of recognized host file entries is significantly increased.
>>- When an AddrToStr procedure is called with a string of size 16 char and a
>>IP address (an IP address containing all 3 digit numbers such as
>>, an extra byte is no longer overwritten.
>>- When used over AppleTalk Remote Access, MacTCP handles AppleTalk
>>events properly.
>>- DNR does not leak memory.
>>- ARP responses are returned for 802.3 ARP requests.
>>- ICMP echo requests no longer crash 68000-based Macintosh computers.
>>- TCP connections are maintained over slow speed or long delay connection
>>- UDP Multiport Read returns the correct values for the destination port and
>>- CMU BootP compatibility is supported.
>>- On links of a transitory nature such as SLIP and PPP, MacTCP initializes
>>correctly by resending BootP requests on the open transition event from the
>>- The UDP ASR routine in UDPMultiPortCreate is no longer overwritten.
>>- Performance on Mac Plus computers running System 7.0.x is increased.
>>- TCPSend works correctly on AppleTalk connections to sites that have
>>disappeared and reappeared on the network.
>>- The MacTCP control panel shows all available AppleTalk link icons.
>>- Packets are no longer dropped when time to live equals 1.
>>- Pre-AppleTalk Phase 2 Ethernet drivers are supported.
>>- For server based addressing, when switching between data links in the
>>control panel, set the default gateway address to to assure that the
>>gateway address is subsequently obtained correctly.
>>- In low memory situations, high traffic, high transmission rate connections
>>experience data loss problems.  These problems can be avoided if
>>give MacTCP enough memory to work correctly.
>>Application developers should be sure to consider the following when making
>>memory calculations:
>>- Network MTU size affects the amount of memory needed to receive fragmented
>>datagrams.  Assume that fragmented packets may be received.
>>- An application's packet usage may vary from typical expectations.  For
>>instance, although telnet applications are mostly used in character
>>some applications send full size datagrams to telnet consoles.  Such usage
>>break connections if applications don't allocate enough memory for MacTCP.
Jeff Needleman  <needje at msen.com>

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