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New SeqAnalRef - References and Abstracts Searchable by Gopher

Dan Jacobson danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu
Fri Jan 15 09:15:22 EST 1993

Amos Bairoch announced a new version of SeqAnalRef which
now includes Abstracts from many of the papers.


"SeqAnalRef is a  bibliographic reference data bank relative  to papers dealing
with sequence analysis. The majority of entries belong to one of the following

 - Algorithms for protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis
 - Algorithms for sequence-based phylogenetic analysis.
 - Descriptions of biopolymer data banks
 - Descriptions of software packages.
 - Descriptions of on-line services for molecular biologists.

WHATS NEW ?     !!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!!

We normally do not announce new releases of SeqAnalRef as the data base is
updated  every  other  month, but  this  release  brings  an important new
improvement. In  addition  to  the  data  file  containing  the references
(SEQANALR.DAT) [2027 references in this release],  there  is  a  new  file
(SEQANALR.ABS) containing  the full  text  of the abstracts of some of the
papers [993 in this release] referenced in SeqAnalRef.

Cross-referencing between  the  two  files  is  done  using  the Reference
identifier (on the ID line).  Example:

 |          |
 |     ID   HENS9101
 |     RM   92093619
 |     RA   Henikoff S., Henikoff J.G.;
 |     RT   "Automatic generation of protein blocks for database searching.";
 |     RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 19:6565-6572(1991).
 |     CC   Abstract.
 |     //      |
 |             |
 |             v
 |             Indicates that the abstract for this reference is available
A system  is described for finding and assembling the most highly conserved
regions of  related proteins  for database  searching. First,  an automated
version of  Smith's algorithm  for finding  motifs is  used  for  sensitive
detection of  multiple local  alignments. Next,  ...."


Well now you can search both the references and the Abstracts with
Gopher.  Just point your gopher client at merlot.welch.jhu.edu
(port 70) and go to the following directories:

 -->  13. Search Databases at Welchlab (Cloning Vectors, Euk. Promoters, NR/

and then

         8.  Seqanalref - Sequence Analysis Bibliographic Reference Data Bank/

Where you will find two search options - one for the reference citations
and one for the abstracts.  You can search the abstracts - choose the
ones you like and pull up the reference with the associated Reference
identifier (see above) or you can search the references and pull up the 
abstracts - also using the Reference identifier.

               -->  1.  Seqanalref - Abstracts <?>
                    2.  Seqanalref - References <?>

You may search this database using booleans (and, not), phrase searches (" ")
and wildcards (*) as the search is running off of Don Gilbert's modified Wais 
code (Kudos to Don!).

Many kudos go to  Amos Bairoch et al. for providing this excellent
database - and especially for all the work it took to add the abstracts.

Happy searching,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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