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ISDN [was: Computerized Lab Notebooks]

Ernest Retzel 1535 49118 ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu
Fri Jan 15 08:31:12 EST 1993

> Just to add to the discussion... not so much about lab notebooks on computer,
> but on notebook computers....
> I run my internet connection off of my powerbook 170 (with a powerport gold
> tied into the JvNC net SLIP server), and do a lot of my work there.  I also tie
> into the office, using appletalk remote access, again on powerports.  By
> running Timbuktu on the pb170 and my fx in the office, I can get to anything I
> need from the home or the road.  I also run the filesharing stuff of system 7,
> if I just need to grab a file.  To keep the sync problems down, I confine most
> of my work to specific tasks, some on the pb, some on the fx (and a bunch on
> the indigo, but thats a different story).  
> So, the key is, you don't need ISDN running to the house, unless you need LOTS
> of data flowing.  I find ARA and my set up to suit me fine.

I guess that still depends on how you look at it.

Yes, I have SLIP access, and C-SLIP, and that is just peachy for some things.

But I want *all* those resources I have at the lab.  I want the fileserver,
I want the 20 gigs of disk, I want the floating licenses to software, I want
my data and manuscripts and grant proposals.  I want the workstation that is
sitting in my little home office to get upgraded when the systems guy upgrades
everything else.  I want home to be just another node on the net.

And when the Principal Accountant has to take three days off 'cause the
kid can't go to daycare because of the flu, I want to put a SparcBook or
a PowerBook in a cab  so we aren't paying a temp to bumble thru the work.  
To put this in perspective, one of the vp's here recently estimated that 
if we could put just the office staff's back to work 10% sooner [from home], 
the university would conservatively save $1,000,000 per year.  Not a bad 
return for a little technology.


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