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Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Jan 19 07:07:48 EST 1993

In article <93116054717.MIN-LZLAa08442.bionet-news at uk.ac.daresbury> you wrote:
: >In article <9301151809.AA18666 at salk-sgi.sdsc.edu>, mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU (Harry Mangalam) writes:
: >>Stephen Baird clarifies:
: >>>Whoops, I meant NFS (Network File System) not NSF. NFS allows you to use a
: >>>drive on a remote sytems as if it was a local drive.
: >>
: >>   Well, I've been wrong before 8), but I'm pretty darned sure that NFS is
: >>not a part of NCSA Telnet.  NCSA, while it is a pretty nice bit of software
: >>(including a native FTP client (which (parenthetically) is not as nice as
: I haven't heard of a free NFS client for the Macintosh. But a nice
: commercial client is available from InterCon, its called NFS-Share and
: the interface is just like AppleShare.

You can configure a Sun as an AFPS server using Netatalk which is the
free software for various BSD-like Unix platforms and then make NFS
filesystems mounted by the Sun available to Mac users via the Sun.  We
also use NetaTalk to make Unix remote printers available to Macs.

This *free* software puts to shame some of the more expensive
commercial offerings and demonstrates that it is Apple the company, not
the Mac itself that has a closed, proprietory view of the rest of the
computing world.  I recommend a look at Netatalk if you want to
integrate Macs into an NFS environment.

To join the mailing list send mail to:

	netatalk-admins-request at itd.umich.edu

Netatalk-1.2 itself is available via anonymous ftp from:


One snag is that only EtherTalk Phase one is supported in the current
version of NetaTalk, but it co-exists nicely with NCSA Telnet (for
login sessions from a Mac to Unix machines elsewhere on the network).

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