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IUBio Archive is up, still need disk drives

Don Gilbert gilbertd at chipmunk.bio.indiana.edu
Fri Jan 22 12:07:40 EST 1993

IUBio Archive has had it's main disk fail.  This gigabyte
disk drive will cost at least $1500 to replace.  We have also
been seeking support from the community who uses this
archive to obtain more gigabytes of disk, to let me continue
to make available to the public this biology software and data.

I've received around a dozen replies to my request for help.
I thank all of those who have replied, but there are many
more of you using this archive (hundreds to thousands of
sites per week, at around 7000 transactions per week).
If those of you who haven't sent word of support, but
would like to see this archive continue to be available 
and expand it services could mail a note of support to
	archive at bio.indiana.edu
it will help my efforts to obtain more disk drives.
If you can pledge some funds, $50 or $25 or whatever,
I'll welcome that.  I have a lead for asking a grant
agency, but that may not pan out (it hasn't yet).

The archive is now available again, but it is using
a disk on loan from the Biology Department here on
a strictly temporary basis.  The Drosophila stock center,
which purchased the current archive computer, can
find funds to replace the the dead disk.   I would be
happy if those who are getting the most use of this
disk, rather than the stock center, could help in
replacing it, and in buying an expansion disk.

				-- Don, 22 Jan 93

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

               for a new disk drive

Since 1989, the IUBio Archive has been providing the
scientific community with a useful collection of biology
software, data and information services.   This archive
has been sponsored by Don Gilbert and Indiana University 
sources, and recently by the Bloomington Drosophila stock
center thru an NSF Resources grant.

During 1992, the archive thru FTP and Gopher has been
serving out data to the biology scientific community at
high rates.   Roughly 2500 files per week are FTP'ed from
the archive, and roughly 4500 gopher transactions per week
are recorded (file transfers and queries).

Also during that time, I have experimented with new
information services here, including Internet Gopher and
WAIS service additions and modifications for biology

We are approaching capacity on the current 1 Gigabyte disk 
that serves this archive.  I am having to spend more time
throwing out or compressing data than I like.  So far, I've
preserved all the good stuff in this archive.  But we need
a new disk to expand services as I would like to, and to
provide me with a blank canvas to draw more bioinformatics 
experiments on.

Since the current hardware sponsor, the Drosophila stock
center via NSF, is using only a small portion of this disk
but needs more, I would like to ask if other sponsor(s)
might contribute to this resource.  Of course a large,
popular use is the Gopher and WAIS searches of up-to-date
GenBank and other molecular databanks, along with the
popular software.  

Those of you who may know of an agency willing to
contribute $2,000 for a new Gigabyte sized hard
drive, please let me know.  Those of you who may want to 
contribute in part to this disk drive fund, please also 
let me know.  

				-- Don Gilbert,  7 Dec 92


Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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