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Fourier transform on the Mac

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Wed Jan 27 13:15:09 EST 1993

Jean-Loup Risler writes:
> A friend of mine would like to get a program FOR THE MAC which would enable
> her to compute *one dimensional* Fourier transforms (sequence analyses).
> Could you help her?

   We can try..
1) Here's an FFT for Excel

Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1992 03:13:55 GMT
From: palmer at cco.caltech.edu (David Palmer)
Subject: [*] FFT for Macintosh Excel

FFT is a Fast Fourier Transform for Excel.

A Fourier transform gives the frequency components of a series of data,
or vice-versa.

This function is Freeware.  If you use it, strike a blow against tyranny.

                David Palmer             palmer at tgrs.gsfc.nasa.gov

[Archived as /info-mac/app/excel-fft.hqx; 9K]

2) But what you REALLY might be interested in is:

Subject: [*] MacPhase Version 1.0.0

MacPhase Update!!!   ( place in app directory )
MacPhase Update!!!
MacPhase Update!!!
Version 1.00t

The newest version of MacPhase (Version 1.00t) is here.  There
are many new features and improvements to old ones.

MacPhase is a data analysis and visualization application.
MacPhase will allow you to import and export many different
data file formats, manipulate that data with graphical tools, analyze
that data with many different math operations, and graph the data
in several different formats.

Some new features over the first version released (Beta
Version 0.9.9):

        -Improved plotting of line, contour, and 3D plots
        -Configurable graphics styles
        -PICT overlays to data
        -More control over plotting formats
        -Additional PostScript support
        -More flexible FFT allowing 1D, 2D, and "sonagram"
        -Much better tool support
        -System 7.0 compatibility 24 and 32 bit modes (sorry no
        Publish and Subscribe yet...)
        -Background processing
        -More math operations
        -Copy and Paste text
        -Data Translation frame grabber support
        -Brightness/Contrast Control
        -Better importing of color look ups
        -Color look up scrolling
        -Much better "Data Movie" facility
        -Play data as a sound
        -And much more...

Hardware requirements
        -256 colors
        -math coprocessor or PseduFPU
        -2 meg memory

Give MacPhase a test drive and let me know what you think.  I am
working very hard to make a data analysis and visualization package
that is useful and one we all can afford.

Doug Norton
The Otter Solution
10 Limekiln Road
Whitesboro, NY  13492

Internet:  74017.461 at CompuServe.com
CompuServe : 74017,461

[Archived as /info-mac/app/mac-phase-10t.hqx; 352K]

3) Mathematica (costly but does everything) - sorry son't have the number
offhand but look in any computech rag.

4) And as well, MathCAD (1-800-695-5075 (in the States; I'm not sure what
it would be from France, but they also have a FAX # of 1 716 873 0906 that
should work from anywhere) makes a Mac Version, as well as Win/DOS/Unix -
not as full featured as Mathematica, but much cheaper...  They've been
sending me a stream of "Special Offers" that started out at $139, then
dropped to $79 and I've seen in Consumer Reports that I can expect the next
one to be $49 or so (they got a letter from a guy whose department
mistakenly got sent all 3 at once).

Good Hunting

Harry Mangalam                                   Vox:(619) 453-4100, x250
Dept of Biocomputing                                   Fax:(619) 552-1546
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