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Correction of RE: PC 80486 ** CORRECTION **

Geoffrey Sherwood sherwood at adobe.com
Fri Jan 29 12:14:49 EST 1993

In article <ashok.306.728277661 at biochemistry.cwru.edu> ashok at biochemistry.cwru.edu (Ashok Aiyar) writes:
>The Cyrix 486 DLC is 386DX pin compatible, making it 32 bits internally and 
>externally.  Neither Cyrix CPU has an internal FPU.
>Cyrix reputedly has double-clocked versions of its 486 processors on the 

Now there is an upgrade idea.  I am in the market for a 486/66, but since my
386DX 20MHz system (which I paid so much $$ for 5 years ago) is now almost
worthless I figure I might as well keep that, too (besides, what would I do
with 10 MB of 100ns 1 MBit DRAMs?).  It would also reduce the contention for
the computer (my wife and I both use it a lot -- 2 computers would be *very*
nice).  But I digress.  The problem is that old computer is pretty slow on
a lot of today's programs, and I would like to upgrade it if I can do it
without too much $$.  If I get a new motherboard I can't use my old memory.
If I could pop in a new processor, though, and keep everything else the same
I would be most happy.  So, is it possible to do this?  The idea of a
double-clocked 40MHz 486 (even one from Cyrix) sounds like a real performance
win if it is possible.  The lack of a coprocessor is no biggee (assuming, of
course, it can use the 20MHz 387 {$600 new, sigh, now about $90} I already
have installed.

So the $64,000 question:  Is it possible?  Or, if double-clocked versions aren't
available, would a regular version a) work and b) yield a performance gain?

geoff sherwood

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