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MSDOS Mapsort (Almost)

r.nakisa at ic.ac.uk r.nakisa at ic.ac.uk
Tue Mar 16 02:53:03 EST 1993

Fellow Bionetters,

Please try out DIGEST, a program to emulate the GCG MAPSORT program.
It reads loads of sequence formats, thanks to Don Gilbert's ureadseq
module, and cuts your bit of DNA with enzymes from Rich Roberts' RENZ
database.  I tested it quite exhaustively, and it gave accurate
digests which agreed perfectly with the output from MAPSORT.

It is available in the /Incoming directory at IUBIO as digest.zip and
from the EMBL fileserver as digest.uue.  It runs under ms-dos, and
should work with any flavour of PC, albeit slowly if you choose to cut
with all the enzymes on the database :-)

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