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WinWAIS Version 2.2 is now available

by way of mangalam at uci.edu Harry Mangalam TGAUSLIN at ISDRES.ER.USGS.GOV
Fri Sep 10 16:27:44 EST 1993

WAIS for Windows (WinWAIS) Version 2.2 is now available for your
consumption.  Both executable only and full source versions of the
distribution are available.  You may get them from our anonymous ftp
server as follows:
  >ftp ridgisd.er.usgs.gov (
  >user anonymous
  >pswd anything
  >cd software/wais
  >type binary
  >get wnwais22.zip  (executable code only)
  >get wnwsrc22.zip  (full set of source and executable code)
Move the .zip file to an installation directory and type:
  pkunzip wnwais22
  pkunzip -d wnwsrc22
Once the distribution is unzipped, run the setup program as for any
other windows application:
  (from the program manager) file/run c:\waisinst\setup (or whatever)
Here is the summary from the readme.txt file of the updates made to the
version 2.2 distribution.
   New for For Version 2.2:

     Visual Basic Version 3.0 was used to compile WAIS.EXE and WSSETUP.EXE. 
     Earlier versions of some system .VBX and .DLL files must be replaced
     with versions from this installation.  If you get incompatability 
     errors check to make sure you don't have an earlier version of the
     offending file in a directory included in your PATH statement.
     Source Groups 
       Information source "groups" have been added.  An information source 
       assigned to a particular group is only shown as an available source 
       when the group is selected.  This allows you to reduce the length of
       each set of source listings by assigning only thoses sources related
       to a particular interest area to each group.  For example, a group
       named SERVERS may be defined to hold only entries for directories
       of servers.  The default group name when WinWAIS is installed is
       WAIS.  Other may be defined by changing the Source Group name in
       either the Sources Editor or when a new source is displayed after 
       an inquiry.
     Wais Source Display 
       When a WAIS source is presented in response to searching a directory
       of servers, a unique viewing window is opened to display the source
     Math Coprocessor Test for the Map Window
       A warning is issued if an attempt is made to display the spatial 
       searching map on a machine without a hardware math coprocessor.  The 
       map takes several minutes to draw when no coprocessor is present.

     Tempory File Assignments

       WinWAIS temporary files are now assigned to the directory named in 
       the TEMP or TMP environment variables.

     Internal Enhancements

       Memory management now uses Windows subsegment allocation techniques.  
       This reduces the overhead for memory allocation by around a factor
       of four.

       Yield functions have been improved in both client and server 
       Get next and get previous functions have been completely rewritten
       to improve memory efficiency.

       Relevance feedback functions have been completely rewritten to 
       improve memory efficiency.

       All DLL's have been relinked to use paragraph segment boundaries.  

     Bug Fixes

       Blank source lines may no longer be added to information source 
       definition files.

       A HUGE memory leak has been plugged.

       Phantom button click events when using the tool bars have been 

       A winsock error code 10042 during close has been fixed.

     Unresolved Bugs:

       The setup program still gets confused when installing to network
       drives.  This is the way Microsoft put setup together, and there's
       really nothing I can do to fix it.


Tim Gauslin
US Geological Survey

tgauslin at isdres.er.usgs.gov

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