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DCLAP, C++ class application library source (cross-platform) available

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Thu Mar 3 11:58:46 EST 1994

Don's Class Application (DCLAP) library is a C++ class library for
building applications on the common windowing operating systems
(Macintosh, MS-Windows, XWindow-Motif and possibly others).

This is built on the cross-platform toolkit from National Center for
Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine 
(NLM), called NCBI toolkit, and especially the Vibrant window system
subset, plus the corelib subset.  This toolkit is written in ANSI C,
and compiles on a variety of systems.  The source for NCBI tools is
available for anonymous ftp from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov as

DCLAP is still very preliminary.  There is yet no detailed documentation
for it. It is based loosely on the MacApp and TCL application class
libraries available on Macintosh, but is structured to use the available
Vibrant toolkit methods.

The only platforms I've tested it with are Macintosh-Think C 6-Symantec C++,
Sun-GCC/G++-Motif, and MS Windows-Borland C++. 
Source and updates will be available thru ftp/gopher at ftp.bio.indiana.edu,
/util/dclap...  Currently there are these sets of source required to
compile dclap applications:
	dclap.tar.Z       -- general application framework classes source
	dbio.tar.Z	  -- biosequence specific classes source
        dmake.tar	  -- compiling instructions & compiler make documents
	ncbi.tar.Z	  -- NCBI's toolkit source
	ncbi.diff	  -- any patches to NCBI's toolkit needed for dclap
See the /util/dclap/utils section for Mac and MSWin tar and compress programs
to open the unix standard .tar.Z files.

Current applications written w/ Dclap include
	GopherPup	-- Internet gopher+ client
	SeqPup		-- biosequence editor and analysis platform
	MyApp		-- demonstration program
	StripPS		-- simple filter program (postscript to plain text)
	MailHelp	-- simple email-to-help-desk app
I'd like to thank Jonathan Kans, primary author of NCBI's Vibrant 
user-interface, both for making this very useful code available 
to the community, and for his efforts to incorporate changes for 
DCLAP into it. 

DCLAP is copyrighted 1994 by Don Gilbert.  You may use it in non-commercial
software without asking additional permission, and you may freely redistribute
it.  See Copyright.dclap document for details.

For DCLAP bug reports, comments, etc., email to 
	dclap at bio.indiana.edu
If you are working in the biocomputing/computational biology field and want
help w/ dclap, please ask.  Contributions to dclap source are welcome.  

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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