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DNA Strider

Doug Eernisse Doug_Ee at um.cc.umich.edu
Thu Mar 10 10:25:10 EST 1994

In article <872530357B at marvin.ag.uidaho.edu> 
phil berger, pberger at MARVIN.AG.UIDAHO.EDU writes:
>We use DNA Strider (v1.2) frequently as a stand-alone application to get 
>restriction info. or 
>ORF information.  This is very convenient for a number of simple tasks esp. when we
>want to bother with GCG.  In any case, in the recent past Strider has not been
>Usually I get an "Application unexpectedly quit...type 1 error". Occassionally 
>it is a type 3 error.  
>The application will start, but the error occurs when one tries to open a 
>sequence or any number 
>of other things.

I don't know anything about DNA Strider, but you might be able to use the
free demo of Sequencher (v. 2.1 I think) to handle the restriction and ORF
stuff. I know you can use the restriction site mapping features at least
with the demo, and they are quite handy. Other features of Sequencher are 
disabled until you buy the real version.

I have no connection with Gene Corps (?sp.), the people who put out Sequencher,
although I have met them and hope our lab is finally going to be able to buy a 
copy soon.

>Of course, none of this happens if the Mac is started with extensions off (and 
>the problem occurs 
>on several different machines).  So, there is some sort of software conflict, 
>but it has not been 
>easy to track down.  I went through the process once and thought I had found 
>the offending init, 
>but this was not, in fact, so.  Also, the problem is not particularly 
>consistent and does not 
>happen on every occassion.

I had some similar problems when we went to a network. You might investigate
Jon Pugh's free FKEY to AppleShare off when you need to use Strider, and see
if this might help (it is available at ftp.apple.com somewhere in a directory
called pugh).

Doug Eernisse

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