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Doug Eernisse Doug_Ee at um.cc.umich.edu
Thu Mar 10 10:46:01 EST 1994

In article <01H9QBRN53V88WXQI1 at cphkvx.cphk.hk> 
LAM FUNG, 93809626 at CPHKVX.CPHK.HK writes:
>           Is there any software for scanning the image and then measuring the
>size of the image.(e.g. diameter/area of the image within specific part)
>It is because I want to measure the growth of the fungi which are inoculated on
>the agar surface. My idea is to scan the agar plate surface and then use that
>image to measure the diameter/area. I am sure this method must be done before.
>Is there any information about this? Please help me and let me know that!!!!!
>Thanks in advance!

If you have a Mac, check out NIH-Image (free) at:
zippy.nimh.nih.gov [] /pub/nih-image
nih-image154_fpu.hqx, etc.
If you have a color video setup, you may also find some of the color blob 
counter routines (by Joseph Ayers and ??) helpful because you will be able
to use the color variation typical of your fungal colonies to better 
discriminate the boundaries (color adds much information beyond simple
gray level to binary threshhold conversions). Perhaps some of these features
have been incorporated into the current version of Image as well; I haven't
checked it in awhile.

Doug Eernisse

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