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PAUP on Power Macintosh

Ralph Edward James B zoorejb at leonis.nus.sg
Thu Mar 17 03:10:00 EST 1994

Doug Eernisse (Doug_Ee at um.cc.umich.edu) wrote:
: In article <16MAR199414580139 at venus.tamu.edu> 
: MANHART, j0m1742 at venus.tamu.edu writes:
: >David, are there any plans to make MacClade available in native
: >form?  The availability of native versions of both 
: >PAUP and MacClade would make the purchase of a Power Mac
: >more than worthwhile.

: and about now David is moaning, why didn't I change from Pascal
: to C earlier...

: I don't think it will be quite as easy to port Pascal code but
: perhaps there are some options out there that I don't know
: about.

Well, there is the option of a Pascal to C translator.  It works 
adequately for text and number crunching.  It is painful for graphics.  
It doesn't produce the kind of code that would be a pleasure to maintain, 
but it shouldn't be too painful to clean up the output it produces so 
that it would be easy to maintain IF you are the one who developed the 
code in the first place (and that's a big IF - it is never fun to 
maintain someone else's code, and that gets worse if its passed through 
a translator). If you want to asses it, look for p2c using archie or 
gopher.  I suspect there are other options as well.  

As for the PowerPC, there is already a compiler that supports it (gcc), 
but I don't know if it will run on the Mac OS since FSF provides no 
support for Apple products.  The support for the PowerPC may only be 
available for IBM/UNIX operating systems.  For me it isn't an issue 
since I will likely stick with my 486 and OS/2 until IBM releases 
a PowerPC with WPOS or OS/2 in the price range of personal computers. Anyway, 
if the software in question is being developed for UNIX, and a version of 
gcc is used as the compiler for the UNIX version, it should compile with 
little or no modification using the version of gcc for any other 
platform.   The sort of modification that would be necessary is device 
dependant output such as graphics, and that is solvable using an 
appropriate cross platform GUI class library, of which there are several.


R.E. Byers,
Department of Zoology,
National University of Singapore
zoorejb at leonis.nus.sg

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