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bionet at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr bionet at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
Mon Mar 21 13:35:31 EST 1994

>I'm looking for a good Unix text editor for Unix (better than vi !!!). It
>will be install on a sparc 1000 on Solaris 2.3 for a group of GCG users
>moving from Vax. They were using "edit" on Vax. Anything similar or better

I found something which looks interesting, i.e. an EDT clone for Unix.

However, I did not try it, even if I'm willing to order it (moving also 
from VMS to Unix). Needless to say, I have no connction whatsoever with the 



Here it is:


	 B O S T O N  B U S I N E S S  C O M P U T I N G , L T D.

		  The Leader in VMS-to-UNIX Solutions


Most Complete VAX EDT Emulation Available

EDT+ 5.0, a full screen text editor, implements all the features
of VAX EDT on UNIX and MS-DOS including Gold-key and entity
editing, user-defined keys, disaster recovery, command macros,
global search and replace, insert/overwrite modes, cut/paste,
word wrap, start-up command files, on-line help, extended ASCII
character set, 132-column mode, and keypad, nokeypad, and line
modes.  With multiple buffers, you can edit as many as 80
documents simultaneously.  Maximum file size is 511 characters
wide and 16 million lines long.

EDT+ gives you over 150 commands and qualifiers, making it one
of the most powerful editors available today.  Because EDT+ lets
you move easily between VMS, UNIX and MS-DOS, you'll benefit
immediately from the elimination of the training time, costs and
frustration of learning a new editor.  Additional features let
you define screen color, control the location of editor files
with environment variables, record and playback keystrokes with
LEARN mode, run UNIX and MS-DOS system level commands and other
programs from within EDT+.

Increased Speed, Multiple Windows  and Other EVE Features

EDT+ 5.0 is 50% faster than the previous version and includes
the following new features: multiple windows, the ability to
edit multiple files using wildcards on the command line, status
line and ruler, an updated manual, additional color support,
adjustable tab stops, command editing and recall from within
EDT+, an UNDO command, and improved buffer manipulation. Further
enhancements have been made to the EDIT and SAVE commands, HELP,
JOURNAL, and LEARN facilities, and the keyboard interface.  EDT+
supports over 50 UNIX systems, PC color monitors, laptops, many
popular keyboards including the enhanced 101 and DEC LK250, UNIX
terminals and systems consoles.  In addition to the standard EDT
interface, EDT+ provides editing interfaces for EVE, EMACS, vi
and WPS users.

User Defined Keys and Macros

Commonly used or advanced key sequences can be composed into one
or two keystrokes.  With the EDT+ macro language, you can
perform advanced editing operations and automate time-consuming

VAX Communications

You can upload and download VAX files during your EDT+ session
using a communication protocol (i.e. Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem,

On-line Help

A comprehensive set of over 200 help screens covers every EDT+
command.  As you customize your editing environment, you can
easily add new help screens, or modify existing ones with
general or specific information.

Disaster Recovery

EDT+ provides recovery from disaster with a journal facility
that lets you replay an entire editing session interrupted by a
power failure or system crash. During an editing session, EDT+
provides you with three methods of recovering from bad edits:
the undelete facility recovers the last character, word, or line
deleted; the UNDO command lets you undo a series of previous
edits; and the /QUERY option prompts you before the executed
command continues.

Maintenance and Support

All Boston Business Computing products include a 30-day,
money-back guarantee and free customer support and updates for
60 days.  Annual Maintenance Plans are available.  Call us for

Integrate with Other BBC Products

You can run EDT+ as a standalone product.  For greater VMS
compatibility, integrate EDT+ with one or more of the following
Boston Business Computing software products: VCL, an emulation
of the Digital Command Language (DCL); Vmail, a VMS MAIL
interface; Vbackup, a VMS BACKUP emulation; and Vnet, a
DECnet-style network interface.


160K Memory Hard Drive Recommended

Supported Systems

MS-DOS 2.0 or greater. UNIX: AT&T, DEC, Encore, FPS,
Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intergraph, MIPS, Sequent, Stardent, SUN
and many others.

Copyright 1991 Boston Business Computing, Ltd.  EDT+, VCL, Vbackup,
Vmail, and Vnet are trademarks of Boston Business Computing,
Ltd.  Digital, ULTRIX, VAX, VMS, and DEC are trademarks of
Digital Equipment Corporation.  UNIX is a trademark of Bell

Elaine Bedard
Sales Manager
egb at bbc.com
508-470-0444 x313

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