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mac drawing (mixed text and boxes problem)

David Stillman stillman at bioscience.utah.edu
Thu Mar 24 10:13:21 EST 1994

Subject: Re: mac drawing (mixed text and boxes problem)
From: poole, poole at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Date: 22 Mar 1994 19:39:04 GMT
In article <2mnhgo$9ii at ucsbuxb.ucsb.edu> poole, poole at lifesci.ucsb.edu
>> Having used Mac Draw II, Mac Draw Pro, Claris Works (versions 1&2) 
>> Claris Impact and Cricket Draw (version 2), all these programs seem to
>> give the same result, i.e. that a drawn object aligned with some 
>> characters on the screen does not print in the same relative position, 
>I've also wondered about this problem for years. The problem gets worse
>the farther away the drawn object is from the upper left corner of the
>text box. When you want to publish a long nucleotide or protein
>sequence with certain areas highlighted with boxes or underlines, this
>problem is maddening. Freehand has been less prone to this than other
>programs for me. With Freehand 3.0 and System 7.1, although the screen
>alignment is off at "normal" magnification, registration is correct
>when you zoom in two levels or so. Turning ATM on or off makes no
>difference, nor does use of Truetype fonts, or any other measure I've
>ever tried.

I agree, it can be maddening when the printed version differs from what
is shown on the screen.  

I solved the problem of highlighting parts of nucleic acid sequence by
using Nissus, a high powered word processor that has built-in drawing

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