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GopherPup (gopher+ app) and DCLAP C++ library update

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Mon Mar 28 11:21:13 EST 1994

GopherPup is an Internet information client program, usable
on the common computer systems including Macintosh, Motif/X-
Windows and MS-Windows.  It provides an easy to use,
Macintosh Finder-like link to the range of Internet Gopher

This program supports Gopher+ methods, including ASK forms
that make it possible to provide client-server dialogs for
various information analyses, and supports multiple view
formats, so that you can fetch versions of documents that
most suit your computer system.

GopherPup is available at

    28 March 94
    Updates to the GopherPup include:

Added external handler support for all gopher and gopher+
types (e.g., user can configure viewers to display pictures, movies,
sounds, documents). Also added default handlers and user configuration.

Easy-to-use support for multiple view types in gopher+, and
Fetch-to-file & fetch-to-display options.

Tested, working transport of basic gopher types: documents, files,
directories, notes, queries, and via handlers, images, movies, sounds.  
This release still lacks full support for these types: 
telnet/tn3270, cso, {html, mime, whois, finger, ftp, news, ...}

Full, working support of ASK forms including the more complex features
lacking in some other clients --
  support of forms of unlimited size
  support of binary (and text) file transfer from client to server
  support of AskL, AskP, ChooseF, Ask, Note, Select

User preference for brief or full gopher+ folder fetching.

This version still has bugs and missing features, but this revision 
I think is usable, though still not as good as GopherApp, TurboGopher, 
HGopher and maybe one or two others.  

    Updates to the DCLAP class application framework include:

Automatic subview destruction at death of main view/window (plugs a 
big mem leak)

Proper window destruction at close/free (plugs a big mem leak). This
also clears out "phantom" window selections seen by users.

Support for installation of default preference/resource files.

Corrections & additions to DView, DWindow,  DPrefManager,
DPanel, DFileManager, Dvibrant, DGopher group.

The archive location for DCLAP is {ftp,gopher} to
-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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