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Which monitor/card to run X on PC ?

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 2 03:09:53 EST 1995

rherzog at ulb.ac.be (Robert Herzog) writes:

>kris at bionmr1.bionmr1.rug.ac.be (Kris Boulez) wrote:
> we're
>>looking for a bigger monitor (17") and a fast graphics card (preferably
>>2Mb RAM, VLB).
>>I ask this question here because I think some of you might be using
>>X-terminals to acces GCG 8.0.

>I am very happy with my Philips Brillance 1720 17 in monitor, with a ATI
>Graphics Ultra Pro(2mega RAM). I think that the ATI Graphics Xpression is
>the today optimal standard. And it cheaper the Ultra Pro. It runs 1280x1024
>with 256 colors, in Linux as well as Windows.

I am running XFree86 3.1 with an S3801 ISA card with 2Mb RAM.  The VLB
version of this (the S3805 chip) is readily available, widely
supported (Windows, Linux, and OS/2 Warp all run fine on my machine in
1024x768x65536 and 1280x1024x256).  Such cards can probably be had
very cheap these days too.

A word of warning about the HiColor (65536 colour) modes... the
RAMDACs on some S3 cards (including mine) cause a halving of the
dot-clock, so that even though it'll do up to 1280x1024x256
non-interlaced, 1024x768x65536 is interlaced.  However, under XFree86
3.1, I have found the refresh rate to be adequate, even interlaced.  I
only have a 14" monitor, so 1280x1024 is a *wee* bit tiny!


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