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Univ. charging $100/mo./person for mainframe access

Carlisle Landel landel at helios
Fri Mar 3 11:05:12 EST 1995

In article <3j56g3$oc6 at gap.cco.caltech.edu>,
 <mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu> wrote:
>In article <3j0qqc$8rc at news.doit.wisc.edu>, Michael Kloth <mtkloth at students.wisc.edu> writes:
>>gold at astro.ocis.temple.edu (Bert Gold) wrote:
>>> One of the universities where I work has decided to charge $ 100 per
>>> person per month for mainframe access.  As everyone in these newsgroups
>>> knows, this kind of access is an absolute requirement for doing
>>> molecular biology in 1995!
>>The University of Wisconsin in Madison not only does not charge
>This is very misleading.  They may not bill for direct usage, but they most
>definitely are charging someone, somewhere, for this facility.  Most likely
>it is supported by a combination of University overhead charges against 
>research grants and charges against students' tuition.  They might also have
>a direct grant to run it, but that seems kind of unlikely for a central
>computing facility.
[a list of what your computer facility does for you followed]

Look, somebody has to pay for the facility.  And they offer a bunch of
services.  But you do have *other* options.  If you feel that all you
need is a connection to the internet, then go out and buy yourself
one!  I understand you can get them for $20-$40 a month--all you need
is a modem and a phone line.  Yeah, I know, it's still a precious $20-
$40 a month out of your hard-earned grant dollars, but it's better than
$100/month.  Everything you need to do is most likely accomplished on
a mac or pc on your desk, so you don't need the central facility,
anyway.  But if you do need them, then you should be willing to pay\
for it.  (Now, if the institution is already billing the feds overhead
for computer services, that's another story.)

Carlisle Landel
  --who, on re-reading what he has written, is horrified to discover
    that he sounds like some kind of wild-eyed free marketeer--yikes!  ;)

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