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Xwindow emulator for DOS platform

P A Keller bsspak at bath.ac.uk
Tue Mar 14 06:09:42 EST 1995

In the referenced article, vittalk at physics.iisc.ernet.in (Vittal Krishnamurthy) writes:
>Does anyone know of Xwindow emulator software for DOS platform
>Actually I work on a DOS system(Pentium) from which I telnet to
> Silicon Graphics system (Iris,Indigo). To exploit the full features of
>SGI(Xwindow), I need to maake my DOS machine an Xclient to the Xwindow

I use eXceed for Windows as the X server at the PC end, and on the whole I
am happy with it. 

A word of warning - you won't be able (yet) to exploit the "full features
of SGI" on a PC, because many SGI programs use a graphics library called GL
which is not part of standard X. Important examples are Showcase, the
protein structure viewing program Grasp and the protein structure database
querying program IDITIS, but there are plenty of others. If you try to run
such a program, you will get (after a long delay) an error message such

  dgl error (TCP connect): Connection timed out
  dgl error (default init): default dglopen(bspc-pak:0.0,4) returned -126

which is a sign that the software couldn't find a GL server on your display
machine. I am told that Windows 95 will support OpenGL, which should help
with many cases, but I don't know any details. I should imagine that a very
high performance system (such as your Pentium) would be needed to run it.

In summary, don't assume that if you get something running in a window on
the SGI's own display, that you can do the same across the network on a PC
(or any other type of display) running an X server.


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