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Very Preliminary Proposed Bio Educ Software FAQ (1 of 3)

Eli Meir meir at zoology.washington.edu
Fri Mar 24 01:16:48 EST 1995

I have been working for quite a while on collecting biology education
software and trying to write up a FAQ describing all the good stuff. 
This process has not gone very fast, and I have now gotten so bogged
down with other stuff that it looks like without an external push the
FAQ won't go much farther.  So I am putting what I have out on the net.
 If you all tell me that this FAQ is useful, and I start getting more
contributions to add to it, then I will try to maintain it.  If you
don't think its useful, or I am duplicating someone elses efforts, then
please say so and I will drop this altogether.  I will also drop it if
not many people respond positively.

As you will see, quite a bit of the software which I've reviewed in
this FAQ so far is from just a few sources, and some software is listed
but the review is not yet written.  I have more references to software
which I have not had time to get ahold of and look at yet, but which I
will try to get if there is interest (for instance, some of the public
domain software that has been advertised here over the last year). 
Alternatively, those of you who have looked at pieces of software not
on this list should feel free to email me reviews.  I will also happily
take suggestions on changing the format of the FAQ.

The proposed FAQ is in the next two messages.  Hope this is a useful
start to something, and please tell me if it is or not.

Eli Meir
Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
meir at zoology.washington.edu

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