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PDB -> DXF or 3DS (Rendering)

C. R. Bartke bartke at hrz-serv7.hrz.uni-kassel.de
Mon Mar 27 04:30:56 EST 1995

I am looking for a conversion utility that will read in a PDB-structure
file and then write a file-format that is understood by any rendering
program (POVray, 3D-Studio, ...). Presumably this is a .DXF or, in case
of 3D-Studio, a .3DS file.

I have experimented with BABEL (http://joplin.biosci.arizona.edu) which I
used to convert the PDB file to HyperCHEM's .HIN-format and then, using
a program called CINECHEM, I converted the .HIN-file to a .3DS-file. The
result was not very convincing for there a two major drawbacks:

- the .3DS file does not contain speres but faces and vertices, this in-
  creases the rendering time and the file size,
- either BABEL or CINECHEM (or both) did not make use of covalent radii;
  this results in 'ball'-atoms, having all the same radius, and therefore
  a 'correct' spacefilling representation is not possible.

My intention is to produce high-resolution, truecolor images of proteins.
Up till now I have been using Rasmol for visualization and the results
were really satisfying, especially the many different modes of representation
are very good, but unfortunately, the only way to get high-resolution
images is to run Rasmol with a high-res display mode (1024x768) and then
make a screen-capture, but still this does not give high- or truecolor.

Is there maybe another program like Rasmol on the Internet, which provides
higher image resolution output? This would help as well.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Cornelius R. Bartke		       Student of Biology
Hauffstrasse 16			Gesamthochschule Universit„aet Kassel
34246 Vellmar				Kassel - Germany	 
Fon&Fax: ++49/561/823330	 e-mail: bartke at hrz.uni-kassel.de

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