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version 1.4 of GAS now available

Geordie +1865 740 011 ayoung at vax.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Mar 27 18:23:36 EST 1995

 The GAS program has now been updated to Version 1.4, which is available via
anonymous ftp from ftp.well.ox.ac.uk in directory pub/genetics/gas. The main
additions to the previous version are:


 * improved allele binning algorithms in read( alsize... )

 * internal help facility

 * additional inheritance and validity checks for data input

 * `newlocus' command for making transformations and creating new loci

 * barchart display of allele size data

 * additional categories available for select()/delete() commands

 * allele renumbering

 * ability to read pedigree data in `makeped' format

Sib-Pair Tests:

 * Elston-Hageman algorithm (EH) for quantitative loci, both IBD and IBS

 * non-parametric version of EH for IBD and IBS

Association Tests:

 * Genotype Relative Risk

 * Empirical Logistic Method

 * Relative Predispositional Effect


 * `weight' parameter in sibstate() had no effect, corrected in 1.3

 * memory allocation in edit( twogen ) caused failures in DOS, corrected in 1.4

The manual has been expanded (it now includes references to some of the
analytical routines) and additional example files have been included to
demonstrate the new features of the program.

Directions for unpacking the program and documentation are in the file `README'
in pub/genetics/gas.  Only users who obtained GAS version 1.2 via ftp will
recieve an update message, so please pass on the upgraded package to any GAS
users who obtained the program via yourself.

	Alan Y.


 Many of the analysis modules and other features of GAS will be covered at
the 14th Wellcome Summer School, held this year in Oxford.  For details of
this email: wss at umds.ac.uk  

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