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New software for sequence comparison : LASSAP

Eric Glemet eric.glemet at inria.fr
Tue May 6 18:45:24 EST 1997

This is a general annoucement of Lassap release 1.0a available at:

* LASSAP : LArge Scale Sequence compArison Package *

LASSAP is a new software package for sequence comparison.
LASSAP currently implements all major sequence comparison algorithms 

	- Blast

	- Fasta,

	- Dynamic programming : Smith/Waterman, Needleman/Wunsch,
          K-best alignments

	- string matching (Mainly for redundancy problems)

	- pattern matching algorithms (e.g. search for PROSITE patterns). 

For the time being, all algorithms in LASSAP are pairwise based.
Whatever a pairwise algorithm is used in LASSAP, it shares with 
all other algorithms numerous enhancements such as:

 (i)   intra- and inter-databank comparisons 
       (a databank can be a set of sequences choosen among a large
        databank or one sequence);

 (ii)  computational requests 
       (selections and computations are achieved on the fly); 

 (iii) frame translations on queries and databanks 
       (various genetic codes)

 (iv) structured results allowing easy and powerful post-analysis
      (LASSAP provides 3 different views of a result:
        . a full ASCII form, whith the alignment.
        . a compacted ASCII, one line for a pairwise result, allowing
          easy "grep", "awk" or  "perl" filters
        . a structured form to perform some complex analysis such as
          clustering, etc.)

 (v)  performance improvements by parallelization
      and the driving of specialized hardware. 

     ( Two versions of LASSAP are available:
	. one sequencial for basic needs 
        . one parallel to speed-up algorithms, and for  large scale
       LASSAP implements an optimized version of Smith/Waterman algorithm
       using SUN Visual Instruction Set [2])

For a programmer point of vue, LASSAP is a programmable,
high-performance system designed to raise current  limitations of
sequence comparison programs in order to fit the needs  of large-scale
analysis. LASSAP provides an API (Application Programming Interface)
allowing the integration of any generic pairwise-based algorithm.  
(The public API is not yet available, but it will be released
 as soon as possible)


LASSAP is both an integrated software for end-users and a framework
allowing the integration and the combination of new algorithms.
LASSAP is involved in different projects such as:
     - the building of PRODOM  

     - the exhaustive comparison of microbial genomes
       (Protein Science, Vol 6, Suppl 1, April 1997)

     - the subfragments matching problem of TREMBL. 
       (Proceedings of ISMB 97 conference - June, Greece)

A LASSAP  server will be set up soon through a collaborative project
[1]     E. Glemet and JJ. Codani
	LASSAP, a LArge Scale Sequence compArison Package
	Cabios, Vol 13., No. 2, pp 137-143 (1997)

[2]     A. Wozniak
	Using Video Oriented Instructions to Speed-Up Sequence Comparison
	Cabios, Vol 13., No. 2, pp 145-150 (1997)


LASSAP binaries release 1.0a are available for UNIX
platforms (SGI, Solaris, AIX, Digital, ...).

You can get documentation and binaries at the following address: 


For any request or feed-back please mail to: lassap at inria.fr
                                         or  Eric.Glemet at inria.fr 

Adress: E. Glemet and JJ. Codani 
        INRIA Rocquencourt, 
        Domaine de Voluceau, BP 105,
        78153 Le Chesnay Cedex, France 

Eric GLEMET            	        | Email : eric.glemet at inria.fr
Institut National de Recherche	|
en Informatique et Automatique	|Phone: +33 1 39 63 50 77
B.P. 105 			|Fax:   +33 1 39 63 53 30
78153 Le chesnay Cedex		|
France                    	|        

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