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Free: Program DYNAFIT (update)

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Mon May 19 23:27:39 EST 1997

Program DYNAFIT ver. 2.14 for the analysis of biochemical
data was updated to facilitate the analysis of equilibrium
binding experiments.  For example, a competitive ligand
displacement binding assay [see P. Kuzmic et al. (1992)
Anal. Biochem. 205, 65-69] is analyzed by using the following
script file (shown here in part):


         P + L1 <==> P.L1   :    k   k1
         P + L2 <==> P.L2   :    k   k2
         L1 --> free        :    sf    
         P.L1 --> bound     :    sb

; Comments:
; P         protein
; L1        fluorescent ligand (dissociation constant
;              for P.L1 complex is known)
; L2        non-fluorescent ligand (dissociation constant
;              for P.L2 complex is unknown)
; k         bimolecular association rate constant
; k1, k2    dissociation rate constants of complexes
; free      the specific molar response of L1
; bound     the specific molar response of the complex P.L1
; sf, sb    surrogates for specific molar responses,
;           by definition set to unity

Download the program from http://www.biokin.com/dynafit/dynafit.htm.

Petr Kuzmic, Ph.D.  *  http://www.biokin.com
B i o K i n,  Ltd.  *  P.O. Box 8336 * Madison WI 53708
voice 608.256.4790  *  fax 608.256.1269

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