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SRS ODD archive?

Thure Etzold etzold
Wed Apr 5 06:00:47 EST 1995


>two weeks ago I have posted a question about a (non)existing SRS sdl/odd 
>archive; unfortunately with little response.

Archiving all existing ODD files is not
an easy task since these files reflect the structure of the databank but also
the requirements of the site ...so the file embl.sdl looks different for
sites where the embl databank is stored in the native format or as gcg
format ...the fileType object as well as all file names are different

...but it is also a matter of taste ...some sites, such as the ebi prefer
to have qualifier names itself in the "features" index ...which makes 
the index much bigger. There exist also several ways to parse and index
individual data-fields; eg, the 'OC' field can be indexed using 'whole' taxa or
broken up to all words separated by nonalphabetical characters

Well, i don't really know if people do this kind of customizing a lot but
theoretically it should be an obstacle towards a central archive.

..to be sure I am in favour of an archive!

I posted a short reply to this topic some time ago mentioning experiments
to use RCS as a base system for this archive ...this system is now 
nearing completion - it is a WWW front end to RCS commands that will
allow users to display the list of all files in the archive with all their 
versions. It allows the user to see the revision comment for every version as
well as see the differences between a pair of two versions. Using mime types
users will be enable to conveniently copy versions to local directories as
well as check in files from local directories - so anybody can participate
in the maintenance of this archive.

I will  make an announcement when this system becomes available for testing!


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