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unresolved bug on OSF1 3.0

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Apr 13 06:09:02 EST 1995

I have an error when retrieving a large swissprot entry from the EBI SRS 
server. I tried the same on the Sanger, Heidelberg, and Basel servers, 
and there everything works fine. So I guess this will be system dependent
I run SRS4.04  on Alpha OSF1 rel 3.0. 
Does anyone else have the same configuration?
In that case try
on your server

On my machine, this ends like
FT                                WITH INS-RES DIABETES MELLITUS).
FT   VARIANT    1012   1012       V -> M (

Missing part of the feature table and all of the sequence

o Problem exists in SRS4_02 and SRS4_04

o Sometimes I get the error message "error parsing mark, bailing out"
  on the controlling terminal. I have no idea where this comes from

o Changing the format to fasta/gcg/swissprot changes the position of the 

o Get the same problem with Netscape, Mosaic, lynx
  Running Mosaic on Alpha with OSF1 3.0 or 3.2 or Decstation with Ultrix 
  does not change the problem.

o When running wgetz from the commandline, the full entry is retrieved. 
  Saving this to a file and loading in Mosaic, displays the full entry

o Commenting the SWISSPROT_FEATURE hyperlink in hyperlink.sdl does not
  solve the problem. It even truncates the entry more.

o While tracing this problem, I found several other small bugs. I will 
  report the changes in a seperate post.

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