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General error or specific for my setup?

Heikki LehvŠslaiho Heikki.Lehvaslaiho at csc.fi
Wed Jan 10 03:23:10 EST 1996

pmr at sanger.ac.uk (Peter Rice) wrote:
>In article <4cu1g5$7bb at rc1.vub.ac.be> palard at dec5 (Philippe Alard) writes:
>>   Christoph Gartmann (GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE) wrote:
>>   : we have SRS V4.08 under VAX-VMS, the sequences are in GCG format, the GCG
>>   : databases have been created as "novmsonly". Now I do a 
>>   :    getz -d "[SWISSPROT-ID:cra2_mesau]"
>>   : to view the sequence data. Result: the comment line in the GCG .SEQ-file is
>>   : treated as sequence characters and the sequence itself is truncated. 
>>   : Question: does this happen on other sites? Under Unix, VMS-VAX, VMS-AXP,
>>   : with or without "novmsonly"?
>>    Yes we have the same problem under Unix. We also run srs v4.08.
>Just to counter these two sites - we run srs 4.08 on Unix (Irix 5.2)
>and have no problems like this.
>Is this only with "novmsonly" VMS formatting of databases, or is
>this also happening to some pure Unix sites?

I had the same problem while I was running SRS v. 4.07 under IRIX 6.0.1 with GCG 
version 8.1 data files. Upgrading to 4.08 helped.

Later, I got a message from Thure saying that the problem lies in the changing format 
of GCG datafiles. Accorging to him, the file format is defined in file srsgeneral.sdl. 
Check that or contact Thure for details.

Sorry for not posting this earlier,


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