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lookup and SRS5, it can be done !

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Thu Jul 24 08:51:06 EST 1997

It is possible to make lookup work with the indexes of SRS5. I am of
course talking about the lookup modified according to R. Doelz,
ex-manager of the Swiss EMBnet Node.

First, in the directory .../srs5_05/etc/osf put links :
   srswin.ptr -> .../srs4_08/etc/osf/srswin.ptr
   srswin.sec -> .../srs4_08/etc/osf/srswin.sec
and in the file .../gcg8_1/gcgstartup add a line :
   source .../srs5_05/etc/prep_srs
So, the modified lookup will use the search engine of SRS4 to search in
the indexes made by SRS5.

Second, you must make sure that the definitions of libraries and fields
in the lookup source code, the odd files of SRS4 and the icarus files of
SRS5 are in harmony.
for each library/databank you need the same name and number, e.g.
  in SRS4 *.sdl  :  #libid /n=15
                    #library /name=EMBL
  in SRS5 *.i    :  $libid:[15]
for each field/index you need the same shortname, e.g.
  in lookup.c  :  {Definition, Text,   "DEFInition",  "DES",
  in SRS4 *.sdl  :  #srsfield /shortname=DES
  in SRS5 *.i    :  $srsfield:[short:DES]
the index types must also have the same names
  in SRS4 srsgeneral.sdl  :  #idtype /id=%%SRSxSFTID /name="SubEntry-ID"
  in SRS5 srsgen.i  :  SUBENTRY_ID:$idtype:['SubEntry-ID']

With this, we can at the BEN site abandon the SRS4 indexes. Just in
time, because we were looking out with fear for EMBL release 52 !

A final problem is that changing names of fields in lookup is trivial,
adding new fields is tricky. I suspect a bug in the GCG 8 lookup source
code. I will wait till we have the GCG 9 source code to proceed.

	Guy Bottu

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