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Please help with SRS5 URLs

Ramu Chenna chenna
Tue Jun 3 07:48:32 EST 1997

>Can someone explain to me the minimal syntax I now need to make this work
>effectively. Also, have all sites moved over to SRS5 now, or do I need to
>code preferences for each site (4 versus 5).
>FYI, I previously used the following syntax
>substituting <ipname>, <dbase> and <id> with the relevant strings. There
>seem to be a large number of other bits to the URL in version 5 and I'm not
>sure what they do and which are essential or optional.

1. Individual entry link

   If the www inteface to srs5 is installed according the installation
   instruction then you just  have  to include  


   for the URL link. This is the minimal syntax. -e flag for displaying the 
   complete entry! Only the <ipname> has to be changed for all the sites!.

2. Group of entries link

   http://<ipname>/srs5bin/cgi-bin/wgetz?[dbase-id:id | dbase-id:id]+-newid
   This will let you go directly into the srs session (query result page).

Hope this helps !


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